How to turn a boring weekend to a creative weekend (Drawing)

Posted by Bryan Cooks on October 3rd, 2018

How to change a boring weekend into a product and fund weekend

Its the weekend and you've got no plans lines up. The weather is looking pretty bad and its one of those weeks where everyone just wants to say home. So going out isn't an option. But you're not like the rest, you hate the feeling you get after scrolling through social media for endless hours on your couch. So you wonder how you can turn a boring weekend into a productive and fun weekend.

Since the weather isn't at its best, doing an outdoor activity is just not an option. So how can you keep it indoors without having to prepare anything in advance?  

Try Design & Arts

This is a fairly easy and fun activity that could get your creative senses tingling for a more productive and fun weekend. The advantage here is, there are no rules or restrictions. You only need a little inspiration and imagination!

We're talking about drawing! You might've tried it a few times in preschool while developing your motor skills, but you didn't have the best time because you we're allowed to use colour pencils on the wall. Keeping it on paper was boring.. all the other kids were doing it. Well now that you're older, there are no rules. You can draw whatever you want on whatever want. Plus you can actually hold a pencil properly now, as your motor skills have developed, meaning the process is more fun and productive.

So now that you've accepted the idea of drawing, regardless of how lame it may have been in preschool, start drawing something simple with minimal lines and shades. Not only will it be easier but its also a modern way of drawing that looks appealing (minimalism). So the trick here is not to go for complicated objects. Its good practice to keep it simple while starting, by giving yourself small milestones that you can complete. So rather than drawing a 3 dimensional house or car with every detail. Try and draw a simpler object like a cup or a leaf. 

Remembering that there are no rules, you don't have to draw a leaf looking exactly like a leaf. You can call it a leaf, but it can look far from a leaf. 

To get your creativity flowing, try writing a random sentences on paper. Then try and replacing some of the words with drawings. If you can, try and replace all the words with drawings. Maybe you'd like to start again with a fresh new sentence and start replacing the words with drawing again. 

Draw a simple object, like a table, then turn it into a living thing, like giving the table arms or a face. There are no rules, you can make a car's head lights look light eyes, and its grills look like a mouth. Get creative.

Accept that things that normally don't belong in certain places, can be drawn in any place. Try drawing a person in a box, or a tree in a box.

If you're right handed, try drawing with your left hand. If you don't like it, go over it with your right hand and see if you like what you've drawn.

Take a rest! move around and have a snack. Remembering that you want to get back to drawing after your break. This will have you maintain the same creative mindset, so you can picture everything you see, while on your break, with an intention to draw it all.

Go back to your drawing after your break, and start drawing something you thought of while on your break. Give it character (some colour, more line, some shade, a face, an arm, a leg or some wings).

Reflect on everything that you've drawn. Pick your favourite. Then draw it again. Make it better, add some character. Go back to everything you've drawn again, and pick your absolute best drawing. If you want to keep it, don't just save it somewhere in your room. Take a picture and save it on your phone or your computer.

If you like your drawing enough, why not print it on a t-shirt? simply take a picture of your drawing, and find a t-shirt printing service that offers a free t-shirt design studio. Then using the t-shirt design studio, upload a photo of your drawing and place it on a shirt in the t-shirt design studio, then let them print it for you and deliver it to your door step. 

If you're drawing looks good on paper but doesn't look as good in a photo, try drawing it in photoshop or illustrator. If you don't have photoshop or illustrator, you can download a seven day free trail from Adobe. Draw it on either apps and upload it to the t-shirt design studio once you're happy with it, then print it so you can wear it the next time you feel like wearing something different. 

If you've enjoyed the process, then why not try it again the next time you're feeling bored and turn a boring and lazy weekend into a productive and fun one with an artwork to remember it by.

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