Financial Habits that allow you to Get a Personal Loan Faster

Posted by poonam dambare on October 3rd, 2018

Financial Habits that allow you to Get a Personal Loan Faster

Financial Habits that allow you to Get a Personal Loan Faster

If you are looking to get yourself prepared for the unseen future, which can lead you towards the need of the financial helping hand from any banks or other lending agencies, you must take some measures today. There are certain aspects, which needs a longterm to reflect on your financial personality and thus may positively reflect in your financial capability to get eligible for the loan.

A person needs to change the financial habits (only if, the habits are bad!), in order to qualify to get a Personal Loan faster. There are certain steps, which a person can start taking from today and subsequently many to follow in the latter stages, in order to make sure that whenever the financial crisis comes in your life, you are always ready with the instant personal loan disbursal from any bank and lending agencies in India.

Here are those tips and financial habits for your benefit:

  • Start spending less than what you are earning every month. This is the first step towards getting ready to meet your unseen issues of the life, which can arrive anytime without an invitation. Take a note of your income and expenses and try to figure out what exactly you are spending on. If, you can point out any useless expenses, which makes no sense, try to cut it down. Else, try to save as much as possible. Start early towards your savings as more you can save in your initial period, the stronger you will be financially in later stages in your life. This step can allow you in remaining with a firm hand during your crisis situation and even you need no helping hand with any Personal Loans as such.

  • Keep an eye on CIBIL Score! Whatever your financial habit is, it’s going to get reflected in your CIBIL Score. Remember that the CIBIL Score is the utmost important part in getting a personal loan; either it’s the instant approval or the delayed, but may be rejected for the personal loan if your financial habit is not good and that gets displayed in your CIBIL Score. The CIBIL core ranges from 300 to 900, with the score of 900 being the maximum. A score of anything above 750 will get you an instant approval on your personal loan application with the favorable terms and conditions, provided you are fulfilling all other conditions. Improving your credit score complexly lies in your hand. Here are the financial habits, which can improve your CIBIL Score:

  • Start utilizing the credit cards, but utilize it responsibly. Make sure that you are making the payments with the credit cards, as and when needed. However, make sure that you don’t utilize the availability of credit cards in a wrong way and spend in a lavish way. As a thumb rule, don’t utilize above 30% of your credit availability. Even, if you are utilizing the credit availability, make sure that the payment is done as soon as the payment cycle comes in. Use it responsibly!

  • Make the payment of Credit cards instantly. Never default on any such credit card payments. Delaying any such outstanding payments will rapidly decrease your credibility and this gets affected on your CIBIL Score.

  • Make sure that you pay all other payments on time. If you are carrying a loan liability, never, in any case, make the late payment of EMI and try to make the payment on time. Ensure that your EMI liabilities are always less than 50%. Also, try to reduce the number of loans, as more are the number of loans, the more is the EMI Responsibilities and also, it may happen that you may miss paying your EMI for the particular loan.

  • Get yourself a debt consolidation loan. This all of a sudden allows you to consolidate your loan into the one, and with such a step you can get rid of several loans and consolidate all of them into the one, thus offering you with better favorable terms and conditions and ease of maintenance of the loan liability.

  • Always be patient while improving your Credibility. The credibility improvement is not a one day task. It takes months to slowly improve the credit score and to establish the credibility before the financial institutions. Once, you are done with the credit building, all you need is to maintain the good work, which is quite an easy task to do so. So, always be patient while you are focused on credit building process for the long term. Always remember that credit building starts building slowly.

  • Never utilize the availability of so many loans in the market with both hands. We mean to say that, all of a sudden don’t apply for the loans at various agencies in the market, or don’t apply for the various loan types in a very short duration. It decreases the credibility of the person and you may not be approved for the personal loans at all.

  • Always research for the best lender in the market, and keep open your options. Be sure that you always have a full knowledge of the finance market and the different offerings of the banks when it comes to the personal loans. Making a list of top personal loan destinations and always keeping yourself aware of the terms and conditions and various features of their offerings, allows you to quickly contact them during the times of the need. You can also make a note of the lenders, with the quickest processing time for the personal loan. This allows you in getting better equipped to avail personal loans, as and when needed. While, many people will explore their options from the start, during the emergency needs, and may also miss some of the important aspects; this financial habit of yours can help you get a personal loan quickly and that too with the best lender, and with the best features and terms and conditions favoring you.

  • Think twice before applying for the loan! There is no need to rush in towards the loan, whenever any crisis comes in your life. If you have finances ready for you to meet any such emergency funds, utilize that availability of finance to meet your financial liabilities. Rushing in towards the banks and other lending agencies may imbibe a sense of lack of confidence within you. If you prepare yourself for any emergency needs, you can easily cope with any financial situation, which arises without any notice. However, if still, you need a helping hand, smaller loan requirements can be easily fulfilled by any lending agencies. Since you are borrowing a lesser amount; any bank will easily disburse the loan amount quickly and instantly.

  • Don’t dump your old credit cards! In most of the cases, people have been as dumping their old credit cards. They most often are seen as closing their credit cards and opting for the new cards with some other benefits and offers. But, what our recommendation is that if you own a credit card and haven’t defaulted on any bill on it, try to continue with it. It is being seen that the moment you close your old credit card, your CIBIL Score takes a nose dive. Thus, continuing with the old credit card is a way to maintain your credibility in the eyes of the financial institutions.

  • Likewise the credit cards, the same has to be followed with the bank accounts. The longer you are carrying your bank account, the better it is. In fact, it serves with many useful aspects. First; you will be an esteemed customer of the bank and any approach for the personal loans and any other loan types, can be entertained with high priority. At the same time, the older bank accounts get several offers on their accounts, which are most of the times personalized. You must have been your bank account, may be associated with several loan offers, under the offer section, like in the case of HDFC Bank.

  • Add yourself a secured credit card. Having a variety of credit cards or the secured and unsecured credits offers you a better mix of the credits, which proves to be quite effective during the times of the emergency needs. While, it may not reflect in your daily lifestyle, but when its needed the most, during any financial crisis, these all techniques can help you in getting the loan disbursal through any means, quicker and simpler.

  • Try getting secured personal loans! The advancement in the competition has pushed towards the more innovative loan products by the lending agencies and thus in return, the loan borrowers are getting benefit with the variety of loan options available to them. The Personal loans, which are generally regarded as unsecured loan types, even come with the secured form. In case, you are looking for the personal loans, but couldn’t qualify for the instant purpose, you can do so by applying for the secured personal loan. The secured personal loan could be the best option if you couldn’t qualify for the most personal loans by different lending agencies owing to different reasons. Applying for a secured personal loan might not be the fastest way to get loan amount to resolve your financial crisis, but at least you will be allocated the loan. As Secured loans require you to put some asset as collateral, you put your asset on the risk, as you get to lose it if you default on the loan. But since you are failing to get a personal unsecured loan from any lender in the market, it is a better idea to opt for the secured personal loan, which is easier to qualify for these types of quick personal loans.

  • Imbibe within you a habit of filing in all the required details in the application form. Applying properly with all the completed field required and mandatory allows you to take the Personal Loan instantly. You must make sure that the application should be fully filled and duly signed in along with the photograph pasted on the space provided, and all other documents are attached for the loan application to get successful. Imbibing within you, a habit of avoiding committing silly mistakes while filling an application form can result in the quicker personal loan application approval and thus you will be disbursed the personal loan amount, hassle-free and instantly.

Adopting the above techniques and polishing your good financial habits can allow you in getting the personal loans quickly and instantly. You can get yourself a full proof chance that you will be offered a personal loan in case of an emergency and you may not be lacking in money during an emergency situation. Changing your bad habits into the good ones may take some time, but if you start from today, in coming months you will surely improve your financial habits, thus allowing you to get credit ready to meet any financial crisis.

Ensure that you spend less on useless aspects and understand the importance of money. Financial habits are not just about improving your credibility in the eyes of the financial institutions, but also bringing yourself in such a situation that you aren’t ever needed any helping hand from any lending agencies. And in case, you are in need of any such, considering your high credibility, you will not be disapproved for your application of loans anyhow.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that more alert you are while maintaining your financial habit, the better it is for you and your credibility. Keeping a well balance of the funds available with you in your bank account can allow you in remaining better prepared to handle any situation which may come uninvited. Of course, the lending agencies are always there for your help, but even the credibility of yours matters a lot to them. If you are not maintaining a sound financial habit, with the timely payment of EMIS, credit card bills, a timely check of the credit score, raising any issue against wrong credit score, you will not get yourself into a financial habit which suits your lenders, too!

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