Improve Your Papercrafting Skills with Fineline? Applicators and Watercolour Pen

Posted by Peptex Labs on October 3rd, 2018

Are you fond of papercrafting? If yes, you must have a right set of items to get your project completed well. Basically, papercraft is not just a single term rather it is much wider with terms such as scrapbooking, rubber stamping, card making, decoupage, parchment craft, paper mache and origami.

Be it regarding watercolour painting or something of the sort, a wide array of items is needed to perform the job well. All you need to do is, put focus on the artwork to be performed and buy all the accessories accordingly so as to achieve expected outcome.

Masking fluid pen from Fineline™ applicator contains 37ml of our hypoallergenic liquid latex. It comes with either an 18 gauge (0.8mm) stainless steel dispensing tip or a 20 gauge (0.5mm) stainless steel dispensing tip.

As far as Fineline™ applicators are concerned, this product comes with great durability standard and reusable dispensing applicators for Fineline's proprietary masking fluid. The great thing is, the fluid is non-staining and non-crumbling as compared to other masking or resist fluids. Once the masking fluid dries, it can be painted over. Once everything has dried, you simply rub off the liquid latex to leave the canvas underneath. Such a unique effect. With this, users may apply the fluid precisely to many kinds of surfaces. And don’t forget about the unique cap wire closure system having an air-tight seal which allows the masking fluid to never dry out so its always ready to use as when you need it.

Having the right type of applicator in hand provide great support in scrapbooking, model making, painting and ceramics, arts and crafts and much more. This can be used over and over again as the product does not wear out easily due to great durability standard. One can draw fine lines and designs on a variety of materials like paper, canvas, ceramics, finished wood, metal, plastic and glass.

Make a note; Fineline™ Masking Fluid serves as a great liquid latex masking fluid which serves as a safe option for people allergic to natural latex rubber. And the craft glue applicator is like a glue stick in which it lets you apply glue in thin layers that won’t crinkle the paper. More information is located on our website. You may even refer to the Videos section  where you can see the Fineline™ Applicators in action.

For more information please visit: Masking Fluid Pen

For more information please visit: Craft Glue Applicator

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