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Every top of a mountain is within reach if one just keeps on climbing.” That is the first message you are about to encounter when you enter the gates of Caprus IT, Inc. What then is Caprus IT, Inc or what type of a company is it? Caprus IT, Inc is a worldwide software solution company based in Hyderabad, India on the second floor of New Mark House. It provides software solutions and integration services to clients within India and outside India. It designs develops, integrates, and maintains business applications on behalf of the clients. Therefore, it helps in enabling organizations and enterprises in solving complex and mission-critical business problems (About Caprus IT, 2016).

            The company has actively been collaborating with clients in creating valuable for them. The company also strives to make a positive and lasting business impact by performing and going beyond their relationship with the clients and making it part of their extended customers’ enterprise. Caprus IT, Inc offers to its clients a comprehensive suite of IT solutions and services which includes the development of custom applications, application management outsourcing, consultation, legacy modernization, system migration, and system integration. The company has delivered path-breaking solutions in some key verticals (About Caprus IT, 2016).

            It is difficult to define the task of Unix Administrator. However, I will be attached to Caprus IT, Inc as a Unix Administrator where I will be ensuring the Unix Systems provide the services it was designed and intended and can also continue providing the services as long as the company needs the services. Although my tasks at the Caprus IT, Inc will vary from situation to situation, it will include some tasks such as adding and removing users, performing backups, troubleshooting, auditing users, and monitoring the systems (Leon, 1996).


Action Research (AR)

            Action research is a community-based study used in the improvement of conditions and practices in a range of social contexts. It has a wide and extensive involvement of technology researchers conducting systematic inquiries to aid in improving their practices which in turn enhances their working environment and the working environment of other stakeholders such as clients and users. The main purpose of conducting action research is to effect changes in the organization or the society. Technology researchers are continually making informal assessments and judgments about what they do through their communications and observations. However, if researchers employ action research in their observation and communication, they will enhance their planning, observation and listening, assessment, and reflection (Foster, 1972)

History of Action Research

            There are no elaborative and comprehensive origins of action research with the current literature. Several authors among them Kemmis and McTaggert have shown that AR originated in America through Kurt Lewin. However, McKernan (1988) has a different idea in which he states action research is a method of inquiry whose evolution occurred over the last century. A keen observation of the available literature has convinced the researchers that action research was derived from the scientific method specifically used by Kurt Lewin. AR, therefore, reaches back to the science in education in the late nineteenth century during the days and times of Kurt Lewin. Although studies have shown that there might have been social reformists who used AR before the life of Lewin such as Collier in 1945, it cannot be disputed that AR originated from the works and activities of Kurt Lewin (Kemmis, & McTaggert, 1990).

Application of action research

            Action research is in the categories of self-reflective inquiries that can be applied by teachers in the education set up. Teachers and educators can use AR to enhance the rationality and justice of their practices, the understanding of their practices, and the environment in which the AR is carried out. Several researchers have acknowledged the role of AR in education. AR is concerned with wide curriculum problems, management, administration, and changes in an institution or the society. AR in an educational environment is a study carried out by teacher researchers where they want to improve the issues in their classrooms. AR is, therefore, a professional development tool (Lewin, 1946).

            It enhances teachers’ capacity as the medium through which professional knowledge is generated. It helps to alienate the teachers and educators from the application of an already generated knowledge. AR fits my internship program at Caprus IT, Inc as a Unix Administrator. In the first phase, I will gain application knowledge since my primary role will be the maintenance of the UNIX system as the administrator at Caprus IT, Inc.I will be allocated some of the specific tasks in the second phase possibly to identify and correct possible errors in the UNIX system. The third phase is the implementation of some changes and documentation. Finally, the fourth phase tests and maintains the changes made in the UNIX system. Therefore, action research is an effective tool that I am going to use to track my internship as a UNIX Administrator at Caprus IT, Inc.


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