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Posted by advsoftware on October 4th, 2018


Love adventure, but still afraid of losing, especially in the forex market, so the forex contest must suit you. In this article, the names of Best Forex contests are waiting for you with the basic knowledge of contests. Furthermore, there are also several tips and tricks, from which you find more risk, hence more fun as well. On the other hand, it’s worth noting that the Forex Contest aims for daring, not for practicing; thus the novice traders, please do not consider those games as serious as forex training courses. Now, it’s time.

Why So Scared?

Numerous traders, including the new, are drawn to the Forex Contest as the can’t-be-worse memory of losing. Let me remind you: Forex Contests are for the Demo Accounts, so you win and lose nothing at real. Moreover, you haven’t yet won for the lack of knowledge: What are those contests purpose? When shall you take such a gamble? Where to keep your eye on in the contests? And with whom you try to be brave? Last, but not least, how should you win?

The meaning of the chance is as above that mentioned, then about the timing, the answer is when you read things carefully and have your mind well-prepared. Concerning the other three, they need more words and letters for an explanation, so we spare that for a little later.

Name of the best

There are lots of brokers with different rules, so it’s better to narrow our list for more particular examples. Small brokers are less reliable, and the larger have more to trust with the contest of dream conditions. The best forex brokers in 2018 usually go with the best forex contest in common, and here we provide several names of the standard for your consideration:

-          Exness Forex World Cup 2018 (on the sponsorship with Cristiano Ronaldo)

-          FXTM Titans

-          FBS Pro

The Prize, The Rule and The Condition

The Prizes: Most people usually want to know about the prize first, so please wait if you are not the major.

As you can see in the table below, FXTM offers the highest at ,000 for each round. Follows as the second is Exness, but with the highest grand total after 12 rounds with 000 in sum. FBS Pro Forex Contest is more humble with one round contest and one grand as a prize. The difference between places’ prize from FXTM is the highest as you can see from the table, then Exness and FBS. However, the gambling offered by FBS is the monthly contest, so you can try it from month after month.

The rates of prize withdrawal are different between brokers. With the highest grand total offer, Exness allows you to take only the half - ,000; FXTM let you withdraw a hundred percent of the amount - ,000; by contrast, FBS saves your money for later use with the real trading condition - every month.

The Rules and Conditions: As all contest accounts are Demo accounts, you need just your basic information for registration. No minimum deposit requires at real, no true risk of win or lose, and no pressure. After the registration and open new Demo accounts, 00, 000, and 0000 demo will be added to your Exness, FBS, and FXTM accounts respectively, and you cannot deposit more money while playing the game. From another aspect, the leverage from Exness is high - 1:2000, which means you can use much more money with small budgets. FXTM and FBS’ trading conditions are 1:500 and 1:100.

More than that, the more money needs more difficult winning condition. In FXTM, only traders with the highest profit ratio could win, the person with smaller drawdown wins if the number is equal, and it must be the win-win situation otherwise. In Exness and FBS contests, the trader who makes the highest profit is the winner.

Only one demo account is allowed in the contest. At the end of the play, there are five business day, so if you do not claim your prize in time, it will be canceled. In the case of arguments, brokers’ decisions make the final. That’s all about the condition and the rules.


How to win

Even if you understand the game’s rule, it is not easy to win hands down. Though the purpose of contests is to attract new traders, but not only the novice join the race. There are many professionals who have better knowledge and lots of tricks as well search for the great chance. That is another reason you should not pay too much attention to win those games. So, how to win?

There are things you need to learn and master to go on top. As mentioned above, the leverage plays an important role, because you can use much more than your fund limit. The higher the leverage, the better. Secondly, for there is no risk, don’t let your head heavy, ignore the risk. Yet, you still need to observe the volatile time to know where you can earn high. Besides, it would be a big mistake if not using the trading bots. The trading bots are familiar with the expert, who use them a lot in real trading, and they are not easy to use. Working with them would help you later in practice, and also increase your chance of winning in contests, so don’t hesitate to try trading bots, just merely Demo games. You can, of course, do more the registration for more demo accounts, but it will take time and focus, thus, consider it carefully.


Demo Contests are for fun and free adventurous with the purpose of finding more new traders as well. Don’t be fascinated by the prize, there are a lot from that you can learn, but not as the real practice. Read the rule and condition carefully, the need-not-to-mention the prize, and sign with the reliable brokers. Practice well, we hope for your top position in one day, soon. See you next time.

FXTM - The Titans

Exness - The World Cup Contest

FBS - The FBS Pro


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