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Posted by Winnie Melda on October 4th, 2018

Dear (Instructor name)

The semester has enriched me with many skills concerning the writing experience. I was able to understand how to structure and write various essays ranging from the personal narratives, the perspective papers to strong response papers.  I got a good experience particularly from three papers I wrote that included the personal narrative papers, the research papers, and the perspective papers. These particular papers helped me to understand myself better as a writer and a person, my abilities and my weaknesses and work on them in an effective manner so as to become competent in the future. 

In my personal perspective paper, I learned how to explore my thoughts, feelings, and even my conclusions.  It gave me as a student an opportunity of voicing my opinions in various aspects and situations or events during the class assignments.  There were two areas that I gained knowledge in the light of the perspective papers as a writer; one of the areas was the writing of specific papers while the other was the writing of more open-ended papers. Sometimes the instructor could assign challenging topics that helped me to acquire specific problem-solving skills through reflective thinking. I got to learn that for me to write a good perspective paper, I had to, first of all, define the topic of the paper. The second thing was to identify the point or the thesis for the personal perspective paper and everything that follows has to be based on the thesis. I also learned that I had to backup my perceptive with relevant examples and clearly communicate my perspective.

In my research paper part, I got a hell of a time explaining the concept of a research paper and the incorporation of all components. Nevertheless, the instructor helped me to solve many of the issues that I had concerning the research papers, and I found them to be the easiest of all the papers I had to write in my assignments.  I learned more about the two types of research papers including the argumentative research paper and the analytical research paper.  I gained knowledge from the classes and the assignments on how to structure these papers including choosing a topic, finding information on the topic, stating the thesis statement, making a tentative outline and writing it correctly according to the provided instructions.  I also cannot forget the knowledge is gained on different referencing styles including APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard writing style among others.

I also learned about the personal narrative paper that also helped me to detail the significant juncture in my life.  The assignments involving the personal narrative papers helped me to understand how to write an emotional paper that catches the feelings of the readers.  I acquired the skills on how to incorporate a lot of references to sensory perceptions as well as emotions with the vivid details and imagery. I gained skills on how to write the introduction, the body and the conclusion paragraphs that give the readers a clear idea of what is happening or what has happened.

In general, this semester has been a great semester to me, and I have confidence that in my subsequent classes, I will learn more and become a competent writer.  It has gotten me back into the flow of writing because I had been idle for several months, but now I am eager to tackle technical and bigger things.  The semester ahs also helped me learn many things about myself as a writer, learned how to show readers in my writing in lieu of just telling them, and it has also improved my transitions.  In essence, I honestly enjoyed this class, and I feel that it was a great benefit to me a writer.

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