Role of Socioeconomic status in the abortion

Posted by Lee Wilson on October 4th, 2018


Socioeconomic status of women

Socioeconomic status has a very influence on every aspect of life. Whether it is a decision to whom should get married or buy a new car, socio-economic status affects our every decision in a direct or an indirect manner.

When women want to have to baby, this decision is completely up to women.

Women are ones who have more responsibilities in raising a child. hence, unless and until women don’t feel ready to have a baby, she can go for an option like abortion.

What are the reasons that women decide to do the abortion?

There are several reasons due to which women have to go for the abortion.

Financial constraint: Raising a baby is not an easy task, it requires a lot of money to raise a baby. For example, expenses like kids school fees, extra classes cost etc.

Not having sufficient time: Unlike in the past, nowadays both husband and wife work therefore to have a baby means either husband or a wife will have to compromise with their career so that they can take care and raise the baby properly. Hence young couples want some time to get settled in their careers before starting a family. And in case if an unplanned pregnancy happens. the first thing which comes to their mind is to do a medical abortion, where they can either buy abortion pills online or from the nearest local pharmacy to do the abortion.

Unawareness: The most couples who want to do an abortion lack knowledge about proper precautions like birth control pills like Ovral G, condoms which if they would have used, there would be no situation of the unplanned pregnancy they would have to face.

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