Take Advantage of Arctic Cold Weather Heat Pumps

Posted by arcticheatpumps on October 5th, 2018

There are a few important reasons to install a cold weather heat pump in your home, particularly if you live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They are easy to install and operate at any home. The most important reason to install this heat pump is the great savings on your electric bill.

The Arctic series cold climate heat pumps bring the revolution in the heat pump technology that remains unmatched in terms of performance and cost. These systems are engineered to being the most efficient cold climate heat pump on the market at the half of the prices of a traditional geothermal heat pump.

The Arctic heat pumps come with the German Wilo Pumps, Mitsubishi EVI DC inverter compressor, European Sanhua Valves and Chico digital control system – all of them are harnessed into complete weather proof housing.

Energy savings

Through the EVI DC inverter compressor, brushless DC fan motors and PFC control procedure; the heat pump can be able to regulate its power output accurately. This system doesn’t need any starting capacitor.

It can start, stop and adjust its speed level to accommodate every condition perfectly. The cold weather heat pumps can result in 30% less operational cost as compared to other air source heat pumps.

Temperature control

The heat pump can change the operational frequency of the compressors automatically best suiting the heating or cooling requirements. When the system reaches the preferred temperature, the units start running at a lower frequency that allows much more accurate temperature control.

Heating or cooling time

If there is a large difference between the actual temperature and the programmed temperature, the cold weather heat pump can operate at a higher frequency to increase or minimize the temperature quickly ensuring an enhanced level of comfort.


Traditional defrosting

Cold climate heat pumps that use traditional defrosting use a start time and a start temperature. Once the ambient temperature reaches or goes down -7 C, the unit starts defrosting. It results in energy wastage, as it will defrost regardless of whether the system requires it or not.

Intelligent defrosting

The Arctic series heat pumps use intelligent defrosting that incorporates pressure sliding technology which determines the exact defrosting time and starting pressure needed as per the real ambient temperature. It can save you energy and make the heat pump working more efficiently.

No frosting in the bottom

Through the use of special liquid distribution technology in the heating mode, the temperature of the refrigerant in the air exchanger’s bottom the copper tube will never decrease. This makes sure that no frosting on the lower portion and results in smooth drainage.

Intelligent controller

The self-developed wire collector uses an LCD touch screen and can be installed on the wall inside your home. It offers you a great way to control the heat pump and is preferred for RS485 communication.

The core component

The Arctic cold weather heat pumps use the top-rated components in the industry. However, the main fact is that no component in the system is proprietary. This allows any HVAC or AC technician to service your systems. All of the replacement parts that may be required for maintenance can be available on the shelf at the most wholesalers.

Author Information –

This article is written by Arctic Heat Pumps, which specializes in providing perfectly-engineered cold weather heat pumps ensuring optimal efficiency and performance year round.

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