How To Keep Your Mind Fresh During Exams

Posted by studiestoday1 on October 5th, 2018

  • Take a walk outside - Fresh air does wonders, but more so just the change of environment.
  • Don’t do anything - Want to give your mind a break? Give your mind a break then! Do not allow it to engage at all and just sit there quietly for a couple minutes.
  • Break a sweat - Sometimes taking a break is not helpful as your body has begun to shut down rather than be overloaded. In that case it’s important to get the blood flowing again: Do some jumping jacks, take a short jog, dance to your favorite music, etc.

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  • Do the complete opposite - Logically solved Math problems for a while? Then take the next 10 minutes to draw!
  • Excite yourself - Watch a hilarious video, plan something you will really look forward to or fake the excitement until you feel it. Give your mind a rest by letting your body take over.
  • Meditate - This is like hitting the “Reset” button.
  • Keep going - Lots of times we do not actually need a break, we just reached another threshhold/checkpoint that we need to overcome. If you take a break you throw yourself out of the loop/flow and have to restart, which is okay at times, but not helpful at others. Try to keep going for another 10 minutes. If all that comes out during those 10 minutes is crap, then you can take a break. However, sometimes not stopping is the best way to keep your mind on track.
  • Take a Nap - 10 Minutes is not a lot of time, but that’s exactly the point. Take the Nap now and then continue in 10 minutes… you’d be surprised how much just closing your eyes can do.
  • Smile more - Smiling releases endorphins. Endorphins make us feel good. Feeling good makes us want to get more of it.

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