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It’s finally Here!! WorldWide Entertainment TV embarks on a new era with all the release of its personal network that should cater to our fans. As we move forward in to the future and video streaming becomes extra crucial towards the desires of our viewers on a daily basis, we think we have made a one cease place for entertainment. Get more details about interviews

Entertainment has usually been a leader of innovation with life changing platforms for instance the tv which changed how the world got their news and entertainment. Via the decades since the 1950’s technologies has grown by leaps and bounds reaching extra and more individuals worldwide. One of the greatest inventions in human history the online world.

The story in the world-wide-web started with email. The initial commercial public use with the internet was by means of emails, and it happened in 1989. This was when MCI Mail and Compuserve kicked off their email servers, connecting about 500,000 customers to begin with. In that very same year, Tim Berners-Lee and his team act CERN invented the Globe Wide Web, which can be what we nonetheless use now whenever we launch an net browser.

Nonetheless, the accurate birth in the online some say occurred in the quite start out of 1983 when it was officially an entity and other people say it was within the 1960’s beneath ARPANET as a secret medium. What has occurred given that almost certainly the greatest thing due to the fact slice bread to unite people today worldwide?

1973 the Queen of England sent among the very first ever emails by way of ARPANET.
The world wide web went public in 1994
America Online was best identified for creating emails preferred towards the public inside the 90’s.
The interconnected network exploded with Netscape & Net Explorer.
The web and the ‘dot-com bubble’ bust within the early 2000’s
World-wide-web coming back in 2003 and rising ever because

With this new invention many platforms have been created that has changed the world. The music industry was forced to change the way it did business from the past with the rise of file sharing which evolved into what we now know as streaming. Youtube also changed viewing habits with its video sharing website. The mobile phone industry also altered how everyone looks at the telephone market as now with smart phones we have popular platforms for example snapchat, twitter, facebook, and instagram that caters to audiences who want something instantly and at their fingerprints.

With this rise came alternate viewing options like Netflix that gave viewers choices that traditional tv did not with programming on demand. It replaced the previous convenience which was Blockbuster Video which was a store with videos people could rent and watch at home. Netflix took that model on the internet and hasn’t looked back.

The world of music was changed as well with underground artists now able to showcase their talents via outlets like WorldStar Hip Hop which also created things like viral videos from the streets of America. Then outlets for example TMZ became the on the net version of the National Enquirer which broke Hollywood gossip and here we're today.

In 2013 WorldWide Entertainment TV (WWETV) was launched as a website version of its preferred youtube channel (there was a previous version for the one particular seen on-line right now). In a short time span the entity has grown globally with regions in North America and Europe. Starting off in Toronto with underground acts on the scene in 2008 before the explosion of hip hop’s biggest star Drake. In 2016, WorldWide Entertainment TV by means of Topshot Pictures released a critically acclaimed documentary “Now Or Never: BEFORE THE 6 Toronto Rappers & Hip Hop Documentary” that debuted at the On Film Festival in Toronto that illustrated just how integral WorldWide Entertainment TV was within the history of your music scene in “The 6ix”.

From there company has expanded to United Kingdom, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles inside the United States with VIP coverage of landmark events which include The Ruff Ryders Reunion which saw the return of DMX, Eve, and The Lox with our host Ms. Goldi.

The biggest event of the year for urban entertainment has also invited us for event coverage which include BET Weekend in 2017 which saw us report on the 1st time ever mega stars for example Cardi B performing her hit song “Bodak Yellow”.

It was a unique scenario where WorldWide Entertainment TV learned initially hand what it is like to have that coveted BET Experience. Also captured that year was Young M.A. along with exclusive interviews.

WorldWide Entertainment TV has been sourced in the past for news by outlets for example TMZ, The ShadeRoom, Toronto Sun, and CBC National News.

WorldWide Entertainment TV has along the way has interviewed some from the biggest stars on the planet for example Akon during his tour in London, England. The Caribbean has also reached out to WorldWide Entertainment TV with soca superstars for example Kevin Lyttle.

WWETV’s reach has also touched Hollywood as we've got interviewed celebrities like Dominic Santana who was critically acclaimed for his role as Deathrow head honcho Marion “Suge” Knight for the Tupac biopic “All Eyez On Me” & USA Network’s “Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac & Notorious B.I.G.“.

WorldWide Entertainment TV also became in 2017 the official media platform for the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center For The Arts that was renamed Legacy Garden Park.

Now in 2018 WorldWide Entertainment TV takes it to another level with its own network that can give a platform to underground artists and also the best entertainment from the mainstream worldwide. Brace yourselves as we move in to the future of entertainment. Artists, programmers, content creators please feel free to contact us by email to submit to this platform at

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