Why is there an increase in demand for Indian art for sale?

Posted by Alisha Sharma on October 6th, 2018

Indian art has been very fortunate. In fact, the extensity of richness that Indian art possess is incomparable to that of the art of any nation or region.

The plurality of Indian artworks define what nourishes and waters the art lovers’ demand. Quite unfortunately, Indian art was not able to earn the recognition it deserved for so long.

Post-independence, i.e. after 1947, Indian art has started its course to the domination in the global art world.

Be it the perpetuity of the traditional artworks that echo the time of ancient and medieval period or the wondrous nature of the contemporary paintings, Indian art has been performing quite spectacularly in the global art events and auctions.

Not long ago, ‘Untitled’ painting from V.S. Gaitonde was sold for more than $ 4 million dollars. Similarly, the works of M.F.Husain, S.H. Raza, and Tyeb Mehta have also gained the attention of art lovers and millions of dollars in the global art events.

There are a lot of reasons that would tell us the remarkable rise of Indian art’ demand in the global market. Let’s take a look:

Framing of the concept “Art as an investment”

Not everyone looked at a painting and thought it’s an opportunity to make a great investment, not until the 90s. With the burst of globalization, a beautiful amalgamation of the art of different cultures has developed. Along with this, the intriguing nature of art and its value has always been the main focus for art lovers, experts, and collectors.

People are now looking to put in their money in something they love and what could be better than an artwork. This is one of the most compelling reasons that quite a few of Christie’s auction has seen Indian art for sale.

The new job profile

Since art is moreover looked as an investment now, people are hiring art experts or art consultants for the same. These are the professionals who have profound knowledge and perhaps a degree in art (although not necessarily). The responsibility of these experts is to get their employer the best artwork with the best possible return.

This swift and gradual rise of art consultants has turned a lot of expert’s head towards Indian art. The beauty, richness, and the exquisiteness of Indian paintings are just comparable.

Indian art holds its culture

Whether it’s a contemporary work of M.F.Husain or an abstract work of Tyeb Mehta, each of these astonishing artwork have one common factor. The fact that all of these artworks somehow reflect the essence of India is just appealing and breath-taking.

This is why the unique style and the exceptional techniques of Indian artists have gained immense accolades in the global market.

The Bombay Progressive Artist Group

The inception of Bombay Progressive Artist Group in the year 1948 has acted like a strong pillar for the foundation of the contemporary Indian art.

Founded by six members named F. N. Souza, S. H. Raza, M. F. Husain, K. H. Ara, H. A. Gade, and S. K. Bakre, this group was the very first attempt (and a successful one!) from artists to mark the beginning of a golden age of Indian art.

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