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Posted by Alejandro Uria on October 8th, 2018

With Lista Legal with are expanding the level of access to the Law for the Latino community, furthering our mission to provide up to date legal information, and a quick and hassle free way to enjoy questions and answers directly from their smartphone.

"Lista Legal democratizes access to legal answers and resources for the latino community regardless of their immigration status or purchase power."- said Lista Legal’s CEO and co-founder Alex Uria. "Customers will will now have instant access to the most advanced legal assistance and solutions in Spanish. Lista Legal is giving everyone with a smartphone access to the legal system.

Based in San Diego, CA, Lista Legal is a web application created by latino entrepreneurs who immigrants and have lived the hardships of the legal system first hand. Lista Legal allows users to focus on getting solutions, accessing Law news, attorneys, questions and answers to their legal questions without chipping out every penny.

Lista Legal delivers Legal help in Spanish through:

  • Attorneys and non-attorneys who can quickly see and respond to legal questions,
  • Answers are voted on and commented so that it provides a broad or specific understanding to the legal matter,
  • Search for attorneys who are rated and have experience working with Latinos,
  • Direct-to-consumer, on-demand answers to legal matters all without having to schedule a consultation, get on the phone and for free.

Lista Legal is dramatically improving the access to legal services for the latino community and is recognized as thought leader and innovating in the archaic and expensive legal system.

What is Lista Legal?

Lista Legal is an attorney directory that was born with the idea of putting together a list of attorneys in all different legal areas. These lawyers are experienced and show passion and motivation to help the latino community with their legal needs. It’s not a requirement for the attorneys to speak Spanish but since most of them have many years of experience working with latinos it’s not surprising that many of the attorneys in Lista Legal are hispanic, speak Spanish or have someone in their law practice who speaks Spanish.

Necesita un abogado de inmigración en Houston Texas?

Necesita un abogado de Bancarrota en Houston Texas? Nosotros podemos ayudarle.

We make it easy for latinos to get together with an attorney they can trust!

Is Lista Legal a Lawyer Referral Service?

No. Lista Legal is not a Lawyer Referral Service. Lista Legal is one of many directories which offer attorney listings on the Internet in the US, the difference being that we concentrate on helping the hispanic community connect with like minded attorneys. We do not charge a fee for referring visitors to a lawyer. Lista Legal presents the attorneys' information in a way that’s easy to use for the visitors, allowing you to work with relevant attorneys in your proximity. The list includes features like the website address, profile description, phone number, email, social media links, reviews, etc.

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