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Posted by john wayne on October 8th, 2018

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With the increasing importance of energy efficiency, electric motor manufacturers offer a variety of schemes, which enhances motor performance. Among them, asynchronous motors are one of the classic schemes. The asynchronous motor is specified by another name called an induction motor.

Asynchronous motor is the AC electric motor in which the electric current in the rotor required to deliver torque, which is obtained by the electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding.  Therefore, the induction motor can be made without any electrical connections to the rotor just like in DC, synchronous, and universal motors. ASYNCHRONOUS THREE-PHASE MOTORS is widely accessed in industries, as they are reliable, rugged, and economical.

Importance features of three phase asynchronous motors

Asynchronous three phase motors are the one of the reliable and highly accessed electrical machines. With minimized maintenance and ability to adapt with different performance based on the needs of both service and production application, it can perform their functions for several years in a hassle-free manner.  You can find this motor application in several industrial sectors such as chemical, food, water treatment, paper factories, and so on.

You can also witness the use of this motor in applications such as flits, lathe machine, blowers, pumps, compressors, conveyors, heavy duty cranes, paper and textile mills, centrifugal fans, etc. Now, you will come to know the reason why asynchronous three phase motors can be considered as the widely spread and popular electric machine for industrial applications.

Working principle of asynchronous three phase motors

Just like synchronous motors, the ASYNCHRONOUS THREE-PHASE MOTORSworking principle is also the same but it has not any external exciter connected to it. This motor run based on the principle of electromagnetic induction in which rotor does not get any electric power by the conduction like DC motors.

Since it does not connect with any external devices, the rotor speed is actually based on the varying magnetic induction. This causes the rotor to rotate at the speed, which lowers than the magnetic field of the stator. Since the speed of the stator magnetic field and speed of rotor different, it is called as asynchronous motors.

Benefits of using asynchronous three phase motors

Asynchronous motor is a self-starter

It is less expensive and user-friendly

It is excellent for speeds more than 600rpm

 It does not need any external excitation to run

 It is highly accessed in moving and rotating machines

Purchase asynchronous three phase motors at a reliable place

Are you looking for the best destination to purchase an asynchronous three phase motor? If yes, then you have come up to the right platform. Here, you will find different varieties of three asynchronous motors under one roof. Simply choose the right one based on your needs and demands. You can also check electrical specifications and dimensions before purchasing anything. Each motor is designed with high-end technology to meet the specific industrial needs. You can even avail products, which is designed and customized according to your demands.

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