Why spend money and time on Six Sigma San Diego certification?

Posted by LarryTaggart on October 8th, 2018

Why should someone invest money on learning Six Sigma? There are many of us who are perfectly happy with what we do professionally, and most of us are out of the habit of studying again. But it is well-known that we stop growing in life when we stop learning. A Six Sigma San Diego certification program not only enhances our learning but also propels us forward in our career. And a proper Six sigma San Antonio certification program is designed in such a way that learning becomes fun.

You may want to know what is Six Sigma is all about. To put the concept in a sentence, Six Sigma is a methodology that is used for business process improvements. There are business processes that run perfectly and don’t need any intervention. But there are more business processes that have flaws, small and large and these flaws tamper with the expected outcome of these processes. If not catered to, these flawed business processes can slow down the growth of an organization and may even result in a company going out of business. Six Sigma has the answer to all these problems.

At the core of Six Sigma is DMAIC. DMAIC is the acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control and when applied properly, this concept can minimize and/or eliminate those issues that hamper the proper functioning of any business process. When you go through your Six Sigma San Diego certification program, you are taught how to go through the DMAIC process and eliminate those business challenges that are bringing down the performance of your organization.

A important concept in Six Sigma is Root Cause Analysis or RCA. RCA is part of the DMAIC process and it is all about finding the root cause of any business process problem. Again, RCA has to be done flawlessly because this is how you get to know about all those issues that are plaguing a business process. Again, you will only be able to do RCA when you know how to do it. Go through a Six Sigma San Antonio certification program and you will gain the knowledge you require.

These are the functional benefits of a Six Sigma training program. There are also behavioral aspects of the program that most don’t consider. When you work on a Six Sigma project, you work as a team. As you continue to work on your project, you learn the concepts of teamwork and collaboration. You are also able to manage your time more efficiently because your timely completion of your tasks has a bearing on the work that the other team members are doing. As you gain experience, you also get to lead Six Sigma project teams and this helps you develop leadership skills.

It is evident that investing in a Six Sigma training program is beneficial for you. The time and money you spend on getting trained and certified has a high ROI. You benefit professionally and personally and generally become a better person in life.

Thinking of doing your Six Sigma San Diego certification? It is a great idea. Six Sigma San Antonio certification enhances your professional skills.

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