Move into mentorship after your Six Sigma master black belt training

Posted by LarryTaggart on October 8th, 2018

Let us get this right - the core element of finding the issues in a business process is root cause analysis. If RCA is not done properly, the right solution cannot be found and this would mean that the process improvement will not happen the way it should happen. If you are already through with your Six Sigma master black belt training and certification, then you are the one who will guide the team to get the root cause analysis right. After all, you are the one who drives strategy and change in your organization.

If you are not a master black belt yet but qualify for the certification, then you should not delay your certification one bit. After all, the master black belt is at the pinnacle of the Six Sigma hierarchy. The master black belt program consists of advanced and customized approaches to statistical methods and projects and also incorporates key leadership skills that you would need to lead Six Sigma projects in your organization.

A master black belt program would largely cover the same topics but the content of the program differs from one training institution to another. If you were to understand what gets covered in a master black belt program, here is an overview for you.

The master black belt program is far ahead of the basics of Six Sigma and rather focuses on some high-level topics, which include

• Destructive tests;
• Non-parametric analyses;
• Practical experimentations;
• Multi-variant experiments;
• Advanced methods of regression; etc.

As a black belt, you already have the required statistical knowledge required to lead Six Sigma projects and this program further enhances it.

Once your Six Sigma master black belt training and certification is over, you will lead strategic-level Six Sigma projects for your organization. You will have teams working for you on various projects and your role will be to see that the outcome is achieved within the agreed timelines.

RCA forms a critical part of any Six Sigma project and as a master black belt, it is your job to ensure that the team goes deep enough into a business process to identify the causes that are hampering its performance. You will continue to mentor the team and challenge the team members to think and think and not stop until the root cause has been identified. You will also play a critical role in the solution finding phase. Different team members will have different solutions in mind, and you need to coach the team to come up with the right one. At the same time, you will also need to keep the team members motivated, and everyone should feel that they have been heard.

A master black belt drives organizational culture changes and hence, the role is extremely critical. Your master black belt certificate will allow you to tackle each problem practically and eliminate emotional decision making. This is how you will add value to your business. But for that, you need the best master black belt from the best training institution to coach you.

You will tell others how to do RCA after completing your Six Sigma master black belt training and certification.

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