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Posted by LarryTaggart on October 8th, 2018

One of the most followed processes for improving business effectiveness and efficiency is lean Six Sigma. Many a business has been transformed through this process and many a career has been upscaled through lean Six Sigma training. There are thousands who go through Six Sigma training courses like Six Sigma white belt to become sought-after professionals. There are highly professional training organizations that conduct these programs across the country and one has to go through their courses to become Six Sigma professionals.

What is lean Six Sigma?
Lean Six Sigma is a methodology where collaboration improves performance through the systemic removal of waste and reduction of variations. The other benefit of using this methodology is that an organization can impact its culture through a framework.

There are eight kinds of waste (muda in Japanese) that get eliminated through this process.

These wastes that form muda are mentioned below.

• Defects
• Over production
• Waiting
• Non-utilized talent
• Transportation
• Inventory
• Motion
• Extra processing

If one were to apply the principles of lean Six Sigma, they would work on the following

• Customer focus;
• Identification and understanding of the value stream, i.e., how the work gets done;
• Process flow management, improvement and smoothening;
• Removal of non-value-add steps and muda;
• Variation reduction and management by fact;
• Involvement of people to equip them to manage the process and
• Usage of a systematic way to undertake improvement activities.

Six Sigma white belt
A white belt holder is someone who has a basic, but solid knowledge of the Six Sigma methodology and works on problem solving projects that are local in nature. Someone who holds the white belt plays a supportive role in the team, but is considered valuable because such a professional helps in data collection and also offers insights into the workings of the various processes.

The white belt level is the initial level of Six Sigma and many organizations ask their promising employees to go through a training. This certification is also seen as a tool for the organization to create a great relationship with the employees.

When someone gets a white belt certificate and continues to show promise and understanding, they can be further trained to become yellow or green belt holders and so on.

Who can become a white belt holder?
The white belt training is for those employees who want to start to learn Six Sigma. The white belt training is ideal for the employee profiles mentioned below.

• Employees in an organization with focus on Six Sigma;
• Employees who need to learn the fundamentals of Six Sigma methodology;
• Managers who are looking to apply Six Sigma in their work and
• Leaders who have a focus on quality improvement.

A white belt certification takes a short amount of time and is ideal for employees to gain basic working knowledge of Six Sigma.

Someone who goes through a lean Six Sigma training is bound to work on projects that can propel their career forward. The training can be conducted online or onsite or using a blended learning program.

One can become a sought-after professional when they go through lean Six Sigma training. To get started, one should first enroll for Six Sigma white belt certification.

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