A Guide to Garage Door Installation- DIY

Posted by Susan California on October 8th, 2018


Garage doors should be reinstalled if it’s too old to avoid risks. As they are pretty gigantic and heavy enough to weigh, after buying a new door almost all the shops provide carrying, installing it in your home and everything regarding the setup.

If you are experienced enough and think you can install the door by yourself, you can fix it too and it’s not a big deal. You will be able to save some money and also a new experience to install the door will be exciting. Garage door installation DIY is easier than Garage Door Repair.

A step by step complete DIY guide is provided for you in this article if you are really interested in doing it on your own.

Step 1: Releasing the tension of the torsion spring is the first attempt you need to take while working with the garage door. For this, you will need pliers to get the springs out of the door. Then a steel rod is needed to insert into one of the four holes of the spring. By loosening up the spring you are done with the first task successfully.

To look after a garage door, spring and other tiny parts are very important to keep the door steady. If you find anything wrong with the springs, you should look for the Garage Door Spring Repair providing shops immediately to avoid further complicacy.

Step 2: releasing the tension is the most important task and after it’s done, you have to separate the door opener and the door panels. Unscrew the parts carefully.

Step 3: It’s time to install your new door if everything is unscrewed already. For the door opening, place the bottom panel carefully. Then start leveling all the panels one after another. The channel of the upper panel should meet the ridge of the lower panel. The final panel that helps for the door opening clearly needs to be extended about 1”.

Step 4: Install the brackets carefully in the right places by following the manual. And before that, fasten the hinges with the use of a screwdriver and a drill machine.

Step 5: Attach all the spring assembly in the right track as directed in the manual. Then bolt the horizontal tracks to the vertical tracks on the door. Tighten the bolt finally after you make sure all things are fitted in an exact way.

Step 6: Attach the spring locking cone after attaching the springs. This is important to secure the cone to save the springs coming out from a lot of tension up there. Put steel rods into the holes and make them secured too.

Step 7: To tighten up all the springs, use the steel rods. After getting the desired tension, tightening the bolts and locking it in the right place, finally, remove the pliers from the rod.

This is the touch up of installing a garage door in the home. Follow the manual thoroughly and don’t miss a single command.

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