Waxing Vs Laser Hair Reduction | Laser Hair Removal in Indore

Posted by surbhi25 on October 9th, 2018

The patients coming to the Marmm Klinik generally ask many questions about the laser hair removal in Indore and are very curious about the efficacy of the laser treatment. in fact, some of the patients trust on traditional treatments to get rid of unwanted hairs and have their own reasons for their choice. There are many traditional ideas to remove unwanted hairs and waxing is the most popular idea among all the other conventional treatments.

To decide the superiority of either of these treatments, it is necessary to find our some basics of both of the treatments.


Let us have a look!

Procedure of waxing and laser hair removal

Waxing is a traditional way of removing the hair from the body and it involves the use of warm wax onto the body part and removing the wax strip quickly to pull the hairs away from the body.

On the other hand, laser hair removes involves the use of laser rays that are targeted on the hair follicles to damage the hair root for more permanent results.

You can observe easily that the first method is painful while the second is comfortable and providing long-lasting results.

According to the experts and many patients, laser hair removal is more efficient than the waxing or other traditional treatments because of the following reasons.

Results for a longer period:

Waxing removes the hair but after some time, you have to repeat the procedure again but laser hair treatment provides permanent results because the strength of the hair follicles is affected after the treatment and it hairs do not grow with full thickness and strength. We cannot say the same about the waxing procedure.

Reduced discomfort:

Pulling the hair with the help of a sticky substance is painful but you have to do it but in the case of laser hair removal, the contact of the skin and laser light is not painful. The treatment is performed in a proper environment where you sit with ultimate comfort and enjoy the treatment.


Waxing does not harm the hair roots and the hair are back with the same strength after some time but laser light damages the hair follicles and the thickness of the hair is also affected. this is the reason laser hair removal is effective for a long time. it means it is an affordable treatment in comparison of waxing etc.

What do we recommend?

We recommend choosing laser hair removal because this is a long-term solution to the problem and it harms the hair follicles for a long time. Moreover, it is a safe procedure if it is performed under the supervision of a skilled laser removal expert.

The Marmm Klinik is preferred and reliable place for laser hair removal in Indore and the patients are treated with absolute perfection in the clinic. Thus, if you have decided to try laser hair removal, go ahead and visit the Marmm Klinik for initial consultation.

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