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Posted by amariazaman on October 9th, 2018

The Cochlear Implant team at Dr Kashif clinic is headed by Prof.Kashif iqbal Malik Ent specialist in Lahore. The audiology team and Auditory Verbal Habilitation team is headed by Prof.Kashif iqbal Malik Ent specialist in Lahore(Chief Implant Audiologist).

Dr Kashif clinic has one of the most advanced & experienced Cochlear Implant Clinics in this part of the world. The CI Clinic is dedicated to individuals who are severe to profoundly hearing challenged. The goals of this clinic, is to meticulously evaluate the hearing loss with advanced computerized electrophysiological tests & perform a comprehensive work up for cochlear implantation which includes Radio-imaging, CI Counseling & preparation for CI Surgery.

Dr Kashif clinic is also one of the very few centres in the world to introduce the new generation of cochlear implant – electroacoustic stimulation (EAS). These implants are performed in patients with significant amounts of low frequency residual hearing and hearing loss in higher frequencies. A special technique of surgery is performed which auguments hearing in the missing frequencies while preserving residual hearing. Hence the term EAS. Apart from CI this clinic also caters to other implantable hearing devices – BAHA , Vibrant sound bridge and Paediatric auditory brain stem implantDr Kashif best ent specialist in pakistan

Prior to CI surgery this clinic follows a protocol wherein each hearing deprived child is evaluated for syndromic associations & higher mental functions. Eye testing is done by our Ophthalmologist & Vaccination is provided by our Pediatrician prior to surgery. The child is also evaluated by Occupational therapist & Clinical Psychologist for bringing out their best performance with Cochlear Implantation. This clinic also provides an opportunity for parents of potential implantees to meet & interact with other Cochlear Implantees & their parents in order to understand the CI program, its benefits and also get an orientation to Auditory Verbal Therapy prior to surgery.

All candidates who undergo Cochlear Implantation, routinely follow up at the CI clinic for periodic assessment of their Implant function & if required to troubleshoot any problems with the implant by electrophysiological testing & Mapping. Over 1000 Cochlear Implants have been performed till date at Dr Kashif clinic, making it one of the largest & pioneering clinics in South Asia. The hallmark of the Dr Kashif clinic Cochlear Implant Program has been the in-house well equipped & state of the art Auditory Verbal Habilitation Unit.

Article By Dr Kashif iqbal Malik : ent specialist in Lahore