Pet Preform Manufacturers Use The Advantages Of Blow Molding

Posted by preform nicole on October 10th, 2018

(1) When the melt is injected into the cavity of the preform cavity of the Pet Bottle Preform, it is subjected to a certain circumferential orientation effect. In addition, the temperature at which the blank is blown is lower than the temperature at which extrusion blow molding is performed, and the orientation effect by blow expansion can be better retained, which contributes to the strength of the container.
(2) The accuracy of the container size (especially the neck thread size) is very high: it is easy to ensure the uniformity of the wall thickness of the container, and the size of the container is also uniform.
(3) The container does not form a seam and is not trimmed, and generally does not produce (the waste generated by extrusion blow molding is usually 5% to 30%).
(4) The sliding bottom module can be placed on the blow mold, so the design of the bottom of the container is more flexible.
(5) It is more suitable for forming rigid plastic containers and wide mouth containers.
(6) The container has a high gloss, and a transparent polymer is used to form the container.
With the increasing use of blow molding technology, pet preform manufacturers have also seen the advantages of this technology and are constantly improving their strength.

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