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 The theory that will guide me in my nursing practice is the Watson theory. This theory was proposed by Jaen Watson that helps to define the science of caring and human caring. The core practices and principles proposed in this theory are that; 1.) Nurses have to practice equanimity and loving kindness. b.) Nurses should also demonstrate authentic presence by showing deep belief of their patients, family and colleagues. C.) nurses should provide a caring environment. d.) nurses should cultivate their spiritual practice of the wholeness of the spirit/body/mind beyond ego. F.) should be open to miracles in the case of inexplicable and unexpected life events. The relational showing of care to oneself and other is  on the philosophical/ethical and moral foundation of values and love. The transpersonal caring relationship as proposed in this theory means the need to show moral commitment in enhancing and protecting human dignity and showing love and respect to other persons (Nursing Theories, 2012).

  • Goals and objectives

 1. Managing the illness and health status of the patient; in doing so, I have to provide services for health promotion, disease prevention, protection interventions and anticipatory guidelines to help patients regain their health.

2. Establish patient-nurse relationships that will provide a climate for mutual trusts. it also means proving emotional support and comfort

3. Be involved in teaching and coaching in matters of their health education and ensuring their change of behavior.

4. I will play a professional role in ensuing safety of care, demonstrating evidence-based approaches of care and collaborating with other health care providers

5. I will negotiate and manage the systems of healthcare delivery, for example, I will incorporate cost, access, quality and efficacy of care when making decisions

6. Ensuring and monitoring the quality of my practice

7. Providing culturally-sensitive care (W. Cary Edwards School, 2017)


Cary Edwards school of Nursing (2017) PRACTICUM PACKET MSN degree and Graduate Nursing Certificate Students. 

 Nursing Theories (2012). Jean Watson's Philosophy of Nursing. 

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