200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs In Goa

Posted by Mahi Yoga on October 10th, 2018

What happens in our outside environment is beyond our control but what happens inside us, is. Yoga, the practice of quietening the mind, had been perfected and taught by ‘Vedic Yogis’ centuries ago, who was adept in yogic techniques and rituals. It has been written in the Vedas, the repertoire of ancient Indian wisdom, that yoga is not just a physical practice but a way of living. The image of yoga involving exercises (asanas) and chants is an incomplete one. Sharing of authentic yogic knowledge brings physical, emotional and spiritual stability in both the student and the teacher. The Vedas have stressed the significance of a Guru in passing down of knowledge. Thus, the teacher is the most important aspect of yoga. The teacher is put on a pedestal because it was believed that these ancient practices could not be learned by reading but could only be transferred as heard-knowledge from the teacher to the student through words, an act called the ‘guru-shishya parampara’. Thus, it is extremely important to learn yoga from a qualified teacher.

Once such place is Mahi yoga, where students seeking knowledge of yoga are led through the journey of self-discovery, introspection and a lot more by trained practitioners of yoga. The destinations chosen for the retreats and the training programs, like Goa, Rishikesh, and Dharamsala, are pure and peaceful to introduce equilibrium and stability in the minds of the learners. All courses celebrate the vibrant culture and mystique associated with India. They offer courses on multistyle yoga which combines traditional techniques with current fitness trends and ‘Ashtanga’ yoga which comprises eight fundamentals of yoga. The sharing of authentic yogic knowledge has led to huge transformations in the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of students’ lives. The 200-hour yoga teacher training program in Goa is among the most sought-after programs of the country. Learning yoga from the best teachers amidst the serene town of Goa is indeed an experience worth investing in. Yoga here can be learned by beginners and regular practitioners alike, which deems it as one of the best yoga teacher training programs in Goa.

On completion of the yogic training sessions, students are not only more confident about their asana techniques but also about being able to teach yoga accurately to others. Asana practice, yogic ethics, philosophy, and lifestyle, meditation and prayanama are some topics that are perfected through the training programme. Special emphasis is given to body postures and breathing patterns. According to the ‘Ashtanga vinyasa alignment theory’, individual bodies are taken into consideration and customized plans are devised for the students so that they can gain maximum benefits from the programme. As a part of the course, the practical outcome and business angles of yoga are covered too!

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