What are Notepads? What are Different Types of Bindings and Covers?

Posted by Brandedpads on October 10th, 2018

What are Notepads?

A notepad or a notebook or a written pad is a sort of paper pages that are bound together for the purpose of recording notes, writing, drawing, scrapbooking etc. These Notepads are highly useful for their convenience to be carried anywhere easily and they are used for writing, memoranda, drawing and scrapbooking.

It has been said that Thomas W.Holley of Massachusetts invented this legal pad around 1888.He put forth the idea to gather all sorts of paper scraps that were not in use, stitched them and then sold them as pads for a rate that can be easily paid by anyone.  It has been come to known as notepad, drawing pad, writing pad or legal pad later on and people began to use it for scrapbooking, drawing, writing and preparing memorandum etc.

Binding and Cover:

Printed Wirebound Notepads are pretty popular and more commonly used. Principal types of binding are spiral, comb, perfect, sewn, disc or some of them are just combined. Binding technique can have an effect on whether notebooks can just lie flat when they are open and whether the bound pages remain attached after that. The cover material of these notebooks is different. It tends to be durable, decorative and keep the pages attached firmly. Cover materials used in these notebooks are decorative primarily and in no case cause any damage or discomfort.

Also, to purchase the notebooks that are spiral-bound does not cost much which means that a spiral off toughened material is looped through the large holes at the sides or the top of the page. Other bound notebooks are also available in the market that makes use of glue to hold the scrap pages together. This is known as padding. These days, pages in the notebooks have a fine thin line of perforation which makes it easier for tearing. There are spiral-bound pages which can be torn out easily but they leave fine thin scraggly strips within the spiral. There are hard-bound notebooks that include a sewn spine and the pages cannot be removed easily. Some of the styles of the sewn bindings enable the pages to open flat whereas there are other types of bindings which can cause the pages to drape. Wirebound notebooks are a common style.

There are variations of the notebooks also that enable the pages to be removed, added, replaced or bounded by the discs, rings or rods. In all of these binding systems, pages can be added, replaced, removed or bound by rings. There are ring-bound or rod-bound notebooks also that can keep the inner pages secure just by threading the perforated papers. Preparing and keeping notebooks is the beginning of self-management and the children should learn this early in their lives.

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