How to hold an auction in FIFA 19 Transfer Market

Posted by kuailai99 on October 10th, 2018

How to hold an auction in FIFA 19 Transfer Market FIFA 19 has a Transfer Market for players who want to sell their fifa coins, or buy items. The function of Transfer Market is to buy players' cards, consumables cards, FIFA 19 Pro clubs cards and club staff cards. The main thing here is to buy FIFA 19 players' cards and consumables cards. At the same time, you can also sell them and obtain FIFA 19 coins .as long as you have FIFA 19 player cards, you can quickly hold an auction in FIFA 19 transfer market. You can also check FIFA 19 wiki to confirm. But today i want to talk something about how to hold an auction and how to buy FIFA player cards in FIFA 19 Transfer Market. In Transfer market, buying players cards is done by auction. Generally, these player cards are sold by the system and the real Fut players. The players can freely define the starting price and the bite price, "starting price" is within an hour, all players bid on the card, The player card was sold by the highest bidder when the 5 minute auction was closed to zero.When it comes to bidding, one offer is 250 FIFA 19 coins higher than the previous one, and if the bid price is the same as the one-bite price, you can't quote any more, and the player card belongs to the player who gives the one-bite price. The usual system only sells FIFA 19 consumables cards, Pro clubs cards and club membership cards, because these cards consume a lot, so when you see them at auction, you'll find that their starting price is the same as the one-bite price. So you don't have to rush to buy these cards. Usually when fewer people are playing, you can buy them at the asking price. If you want to buy FIFA 19 black gold, gold, Blue Gold (collectively referred to as "special") player cards, it is more difficult, and you end up with a price "second kill" bar, after all, the player set the starting price and a price is very close.Click to Buy

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