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On the internet it is possible to find various ways to make cannabis extracts for medicinal purposes. These have different names depending on the solvent used, we can find recipes for preparing dyes, oils, liquors, etc. Although the names differ they all have in common that they are a concentrate of cannabinoids and can be dosed in drops Wholesale cbd infused coffee.

Cannabis oils are the most popular extractions, probably because of Rick Simpson, who points out that cancer of the skin and other diseases was cured with this type of extraction. The recipe is easily found on the Internet, but I personally advise against its preparation for two reasons. The first is that the method uses as a solvent Naphtha, an oil derivative that leaves possibly toxic residues in the final oil, which are very difficult to eliminate and therefore they will be ingested, according to Rick the properties of the oil are so powerful that they overcome the possible damages of these residues, I prefer to assure that no toxic is being administered. The second reason is that working with these solvents makes the process dangerous because the vapors released are highly flammable, so it must be done with great caution, in a ventilated place and away from any source of fire. Under the same method there is also the possibility of doing the extraction with pure alcohol, but this is expensive and difficult to acquire. In addition it also releases flammable vapors that make the process dangerous.

According to a study published in 2013 olive oil would be one of the best solvents to make marijuana oil for medicinal purposes; totally stripped of toxicity and very effective both for the extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes. Since, being a non-volatile substance, it prevents terpenes from evaporating as it does with other solvents, such as naphtha or ethanol.

Conscious Cannabis Oil

To make an extraction with olive oil, it is sufficient to heat a mixture of 10 g of buds / flowers crushed, immersed in 100 ml of olive oil in a water bath (at a temperature below 100 ° C, it is essential to control the temperature in every moment) for 90 minutes. Then, you must remove the mixture from the water bath and heat it to low heat at approximately 120 ° C (checking with a thermometer) for 30 minutes, to proceed to the decarboxylation of the cannabinoids. Allow to cool and filter with a clean cloth, coffee filters or a pressure coffee machine for example. Then, put the oil in dark glass containers for better conservation. In this type of procedure, through the application of heat we ensure that most of the cannabinoids are in their active form (see section cannabinoids-phytocannabinoids) and that therefore the medicinal effects will be effective.

The extraction in olive oil has many advantages compared to other solvents, it is easy to do, without any risk and retains a good part of cannabinoids and terpenes. But, it has only one drawback, as it does not evaporate, it will not be possible to proceed to a reduction of the extraction to concentrate it as if it is possible to do with naphtha and with alcohol. And, therefore, it will be necessary to consume a greater quantity to have the desired effects.

Conscious Cannabis Extract There is also a simpler way and that would be to submerge crushed buds in oil in a glass jar, close and let marinate for 1 to 2 months in a dark place, go shaking the boat daily. After this period filter and put the oil in dark glass containers with dropper for better conservation (it is essential that the conservation of the oil is in darkness, since light degrades the THC). The disadvantage or advantage of this process is that by not applying heat, it is not possible to ensure that all cannabinoids are in their active form, most likely there is a mixture of active and inactive forms, and for this same reason the effect of This oil will be softer.

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