Choose between Coffee or Marijuana to wake us up in the morning

Posted by Johnkjohnston on October 10th, 2018

Coffee in the morning is irresistible for most people as it helps to wake up and the aroma of fresh coffee helps and is a pleasure for the senses. But not only in the morning do you drink coffee, but in the food, in the dinner, in the breaks of the company Wholesale cbd infused coffee.

A final study in the United Kingdom, ensures that three cups of coffee a day, helps to extend the lives of people. I believe that more than one will live more than 150 years, because if it is by number of coffees a day, they surpass record.

Coffee is a tradition well to be among friends, to stay awake, to perform more. There are thousands of varieties of coffees that can be taken, many would not substitute for anything in the world, a pleasure like this can only be enjoyed and if it is with a better cigar than better.

But times change and there are already coffee capsules with marijuana, and now in the US states where marijuana is legalized can enjoy a marijuana coffee and can substitute the cigarette for a joint. Times change but for the better.

But taking marijuana from the morning according to those who take it every day and people who have exchanged coffee for marijuana assure that it is much better. The caffeine found in coffee helps keep us awake and increases the energy level, it makes you more active, it makes some people nervous.

Marijuana has THC and is ideal for relieving muscle pain, or when we suffer from headaches. Marijuana improves the sense of sight and hearing, this makes the marijuana consumer in the morning more alert and improves their ability to react.

But what better than to unite both, a coffee with marijuana. That we are not to choose, if we can take both at once, a coffee with marijuana, and we choose a blunt. With this we have already embroidered it.

But this can only be done in places where marijuana is legalized, both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. We can have a coffee with marijuana, but yes, only if we do not have to take the car and drive. Take a coffee with marijuana but we will drive and use public transport.

Although it is also true that in the states where medical marijuana and recreational marijuana have been legalized traffic accidents have decreased, it could also be because less alcohol is drunk, since many alcohol users have been able to switch to marijuana.

Long live marijuana, a thousand-year-old plant, which helps to alleviate many diseases and if it is true that it must be consumed with care and responsibility. It is always better for our doctor to know that we are consuming it and that we can follow up on what might happen to us.

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