A Short Guide to Understanding the Uses of the Fineline? Applicator

Posted by Peptex Labs on October 11th, 2018

The Fineline™ Applicator is very simple to use. There are only a few compenents to be aware of. The applicator has a patented airtight cap-wire closure system so the applicator never cloggs or dries out. The stainless steel needle and cap-wire fit perfectly together to create this airtight seal. This will ensure whatever you decide to put in the bottle, will never dry out and will prevent it from degrading. 

The needle comes in various sizes 15-24 gauges but our most popular at the 18g and 20g. know as the standard tip and fine tip, respectively. These applicators then fit onto our the LDPE oval or tube bottles so you can customise what you put into it. Many different mediums are suitable such as inkys, dyes, acrylics, water-based adhesives, ceramic glazes, nail polish, cake frosting, and many more. Because of the Empty Applicator Bottle, you have the option of putting in your desired medium, and provided that its water soluble, you can just rinse it out with warm water and put something else into it.

The applicator gives you control of how much liquid you want to place on your designs/projects. You can control the flow depending on the viscosity of the medium you chose, and how hard you squeee the bottle. Regardless, you will find the bottle easy to squeeze. 

While our most popular product continues to be the Empty Applicator Bottles, the Resist Fluid Pen and Masking Fluid Pencontinue to be great sellers. Our liquid latex water colour masking fluid comes with the Fineline Applicator so you can have the precision placement you’re looking for. This hypoallergenic Masking Fluid Pen is ergonomic, non-staining, non-crumbling, and quick drying. No other masking fluid on the market has such a feature. No more mucked up brushes or torn watercolour paper! 

For more information please visit: Empty Applicator Bottle

For more information please visit: Masking Fluid Pen

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