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Selenium bolsters different programming dialects, for example, Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. It is dialect free, which implies it was created utilizing Java, and can be utilized with C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript, and so forth. Selenium is additionally stage free. The code or structure, created utilizing C#/Java, can be executed on various stages/working frameworks like Windows OS, Mac OS, and Linux.

Selenium is a library which comprises of classes, strategies, interfaces, and so forth which can be utilized and coordinated with the different programming dialects said above. For the above reasons, best organizations - selenium training in Bangalore lean toward Selenium as opposed to utilizing Quick Test Professional (QTP) or CodedUI, which are both authorized renditions.

Selenium underpins different programs, for example, Google Chrome, Edge Browser (Windows 10), Firefox Browser, Internet Explorer, Safari, and so forth. Every program has its very own driver for executing test contents on their programs; for instance, to execute Selenium contents on Chrome, we have Chromedrivers. Web Explorer (IE) driver and GoogleChrome driver bolster both 32-bit and 64-bit renditions, which we can download and utilize dependent on our framework prerequisites.

In prior adaptations like Selenium 1.0 and Selenium 2.0, we weren't required to set up Firefox drivers to execute contents on the Firefox Browser. Of course, Selenium has bolstered for Firefox. In Selenium 3.0, every one of the sellers like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Firefox have their very own drivers to work with Selenium.

Selenium Webdriver and Selenium Grid:-

Selenium Webdriver and Selenium Grid are the most usually utilized devices in the IT business for the advancement of testing items. Selenium was produced as an interior task to test inside applications at ThoughtWorks, created in customer side innovation like JavaScript by Jason Huggins. It is likewise called Selenium Core/Selenium IDE. Jason Huggins tried different inside applications and offered demos to various associates. They were amped up for the achievement of the primary rendition.

Afterward, Paul Hammant joined his group and built up the other form of Selenium, Selenium RC. This device wound up open-source to work with the diverse programs and stages. Simon Stewart at ThoughtWorks built up a computerization instrument for the program known as Webdriver, and later, they consolidated Selenium RC with Webdriver to make Selenium Webdriver (Selenium 2.0).

Philippe Hanrigou at ThoughtWorks created Selenium Grid in 2008. Selenium Grid is utilized for designing single center and numerous hubs. The present center is equipped for running different experiments on customer machines and in addition remote machines, which diminishes the time and additionally assets.

At last, Selenium 3.0 was created for the current year, with new highlights. It is a mix of Selenium 2.0 and Selenium 1.0, which implies it underpins Selenium 2.0 highlights however it doesn't have bolster for Selenium 1.0, i.e. Selenium Core. If it's not too much trouble allude to my article to take in more about Selenium 3.0.

At the point when Selenium was being developed, a standout amongst the most famous testing apparatuses was called QTP (Quick Test Professional), was produced by Mercury Interactive before it was obtained by HP. QTP was Selenium's rival they have named their item dependent on the component selenium. As we probably are aware the compound component term Selenium (Se) is equipped for poisoning/detoxifying Mercury. So the term or the item was named Selenium.

This was a concise presentation about Selenium; let us investigate different segments of Selenium.

Selenium IDE is otherwise called an Integrated Development Environment, or, in other words based application. It bolsters Edit, Record, and troubleshooting highlights, additionally called Record/Replay or Record/Playback. It is a Firefox Add-on/Extension which works just in the more seasoned rendition of the Firefox program. We can explore to Firefox Add-on/Firefox Extensions in the Firefox program and look for "Selenium IDE" and introduce it.

Selenium IDE bolsters its very own scripting dialect called Selenese, which doesn't require any programming dialect or complex directions to execute test cases. It depends on JavaScript and is anything but difficult to utilize. It doesn't have any sort of APIs or Library to work with on the grounds that it needn't bother with any programming dialect.

In Selenium IDE, the execution of experiments is moderate, and the report age advance for the experiments isn't great as contrasted and different parts. It doesn't bolster execution of experiments in parallel or remote execution. selenium training in Marathahalli - The Selenium IDE has Command and target textboxes, and directions are utilized for activities like clicking; type on a specific control and focus to indicate the control properties.

Fare is utilized to send out the Selenese scripting to C#, Java, PHP, and so on.

The disadvantages of Selenium IDE:

  • The experiments can be executed in just in the Firefox program.
  • The execution of experiments is moderate and the report age step isn't great when contrasted and different parts.
  • It doesn't bolster versatile based testing like iPhone/Android testing.
  • It doesn't bolster parallel/remote execution of experiments.
  • It doesn't bolster coherent/restrictive articulations since it is anything but difficult to use with no programming dialects.
  • It doesn't bolster any mind boggling situations/test contents/test cases.

To conquer the above issues, we have another segment of Selenium: Selenium RC. Let see in the next article.

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