How to choose pajamas for babies

Posted by pajamasets on October 12th, 2018

Nowadays, it is very popular among parents to wear pajamas for babies. It is very useful to wear pajamas for babies to keep warm but not to wear too much. However, many parents don't know how to choose baby pajamas. How do you choose baby pajamas? What kind of pajamas are good? Here's the tidying up of your baby pajamas shopping skills!

First, the first condition for choosing baby pajamas is safety. Specifically, it is the flame retardancy of baby pajamas. When choosing pajamas, mothers should look at the introduction, pajamas are marked with flame retardant, and then pay attention to the washing instructions, to find out how to wash to prevent damage to its flame retardant performance.
Second, the choice of baby pajamas should be based on the age of the baby. Babies grow very fast, so they must buy loose clothing. In addition, as babies grow up, they also have preferences, so mothers try to take care of the baby's opinions when choosing pajamas, so that they like them. Besides, you can also exercise your baby's ability to wear clothes.

Third, the number of baby pajamas do not need too much, but it can not be too small, two or three pieces are enough. Babies can wear pajamas at night and at home during the day; in winter, pajamas are usually designed with a pair of mittens attached to the cuffs of the baby's clothes, which can be used to prevent the baby from scratching himself. When the weather warms up, the cuffs can be zipped up so the hands can be outside; long pajamas are also available. To prevent the baby from pushing the quilt away.
Forth, The thickness of baby pajamas is very important in winter. In the north, it's cold in winter, and some mothers buy their babies very thick pajamas, which may not be appropriate. If the baby sleeps in a warm room and feels comfortable in his pajamas and a blanket, the pajamas he wears should not be thicker than a cotton blanket. If the room is cold and needs to be covered with a thick blanket to sleep, then the baby also needs to use a thicker pajamas, preferably in one piece, to prevent the baby from kicking the quilt, and then need to cover a blanket.

Fifth, Baby pajamas are made of soft materials. Mother should buy cotton pajamas, thin cloth, soft and breathable pajamas. Avoid polyester material, because the polyester material is easy to wrinkle, after wearing clothes for a while, become wrinkled. Can your baby wear wrinkled clothes and sleep comfortably?

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