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Posted by Round The World Flights on October 12th, 2018

Around the world flights aren't your ordinary sojourn to destinations across the globe. They offer a different kind of adventure you won't ever forget. While it’s true that you need money to buy round the world tickets, it’s not true that you have to be filthy rich to afford them. With proper planning, you can enjoy your world tour while staying within your budget and spend according to your capabilities. How? Be sure to keep these tips in mind the next time you book your round the world flight. 

Create a list of all the places where you want to be

The first step is to list down all the countries and specific places where you want to go on your trip. This does not necessarily mean that you'll fly to all of those destinations—it just makes planning your itinerary much easier when all the options are laid out before you. You should also include the things or activities you want to do on the list. 

Start planning your routes

Many factors must be considered when choosing your destinations, and two of the most important things are the price and your budget. Remember that some places are more expensive than others because they are more remote or part of a very sought after travelling destination. You can generally save money by picking destinations that are easier to reach and involve shorter direct flights. 

Avoid backtracking

Most airline alliances prohibit backtracking. Though independent or third party around-the-world travel agencies allow this, they still encourage clients to fly in one direction. That way, you don't have to pay again for the miles you have already covered. Save the detours for later so you don’t lose thousands of dollars. 

Take a car, bus, or train

You don’t necessarily have to fly to all your destinations, as it is sometimes cheaper (and more practical) to travel overland. It might even be faster to take a train, in some cases, as you don’t have to go through airport security and check-in. Overland travel can enrich your holiday by allowing you to see smaller towns during your road trip. Combine it with flights to save a lot of money. 

Book through a third-party company

A good third-party company books your around the world flight manually. This is their secret to finding the best deals on airline tickets. By choosing them, you get a travel assistant who is always ready to help you. They can offer assistance in recommending an itinerary and even sorting out travel-related issues. 

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This article is written by Round the World flights Australia.  Round the world Flights is an Australian travel company, which offers affordable custom round the world flight tickets to explore various destinations around the world. It offers special & lowest fares in the market. The company provides all personalised assistance round the clock at every stage throughout the trip for an extraordinary travel experience.

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