Black Seed Oil for Improving Blood Sugar Levels

Posted by Hamza on October 12th, 2018

When the sugar levels in the blood are high, it is ascertained that the disease diabetes has set in. this simply means that the pancreas in the body is no more producing insulin as it should. What does insulin production have to do with sugar levels? Let me explain a bit, insulin is the worker that breaks down the sugar in the blood. So, more insulin means more breaking down of sugars, but the reverse is the case when you have little of the hard-working insulin present. The case can be twisted in the sense that the insulin hormone would be present but not sensed by cells, muscles and the liver. If you are suffering from this health condition, follow this article to discover the wonder power of the black seed oil.

Most health hazards are usually encountered when one gets to 50 years and above. Because at this age the effects of bad diet choices begin to tell on the body, causing many health disorders like diabetes. Some of the major symptoms of diabetes include: frequent urination, excessive thirst, tiredness, dizziness and weight loss. Before using any treatment, you should firstly reorder your diet, do more exercises and maintain a proactive healthy lifestyle.

Black seed oil is very useful in lowering blood sugar levels, but, you should eat healthy to make your treatment permanent. Reduce your sugar intake, eliminate breakfast cereals with so much sugar, and also reduce the consumption of carbonated drinks. The worst thing that happened to the diet of the civilized society is “sugar overload”.  Sugar is just energy without much nutrient, which some dieticians call “empty calories”. It does not contain vitamins, proteins and essential fats, so one can eliminate it from the diet to gain back one's good health.

Another dangerous component in sugar is fructose which is present in a high dose. This can over work the liver causing Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), which is as damaging and widespread as diabetes. Black seed and diabetes are synonymous as a cure and the disease. So let us evaluate the wonder healing power in this precious plant.

What is the Black Seed?

Black seed also known as Nigella sativa from the Asian part of the world proves to be an effective healing plant. There are potent herbal components in this seed that makes it very popularly known for treating numerous diseases like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and many more. Thymohydroquinone and thymoquinone are major vital oils contained in this plant for the healing of many illnesses. It also contains other important components like fixed oils and alkaloids.

This seed boost of having powerful blood cleansing qualities that would definitely improve your immune system while providing long life. Many researches have proven that black seed oils can undo diabetes, by treating it within a short duration. After taking for a while, you will discover that your blood sugar levels will reduce.

How Does Back Seed Oil Improve Blood Sugar Levels

  •         It helps to restore wholeness to the beta cells in the pancreas where insulin is produced. This would make the pancreas to continue producing the accurate amount of insulin needed to break down sugar levels in the blood. With this the type 1 diabetes, which is the decrease of insulin in the body, is treated.
  •         Black seed oil makes the liver cells sensitive to insulin. I mentioned at the beginning of this article that there was another twisted case of diabetes called Type 2. In this case, the liver, muscles and fatty cells become insensitive to insulin in the body. But, thymoquinone, one of the essential oils from the black seed, increases the sensitivity of liver cells to insulin, hence proffering a cure to type-2 diabetes.
  •         This seed also makes the intestine not to ingest much glucose. It totally improves the blood sugar levels, by reversing all diabetes processes.

Side Effects

There are no adverse side effects of black seed oil. However, you might notice some rashes as a result of the tropical application of the oil on regular basis. If the herbal medication is orally consumed in high doses, it might drastically affect the liver as would be the case in any other case of drug over dose. The use of black seed oil for diabetes can lower the levels of other medications like cyclosporine and acetaminophen in the body.

Safety Measures

Like it is advised in the use of any medication, you must first consult a doctor before proceeding with this treatment. You could have been placed on other medication prior to your desire to use this herb. It will be a good precaution to let your doctor know that you wish to use black seed oils as an alternative treatment for diabetes. Your doctor will check the compatibility of this treatment with other medications that you are on, before giving you a go ahead. You should initially start with a half a spoon regular dosage of black seed oil and gradually increase it.


Black seed oils can cure diabetes but, you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle of proper diet, enough exercise and proactive attitude to life to make the treatment long- lasting. Go for a less sugar diet always as you use this herb to improve your blood sugar levels.

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