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How does RupeeCircle Work

Posted by Lori Mitra on October 13th, 2018

RupeeCircle is a front-runner of the new generation of peer to peer lending platforms in India. They work on the simple concept of connecting investors and customers, thereby forming a direct channel for the money to be lent to the customers who need it. At the same time the investors get a high return from their investment due to the interests on the loans.

The concept of crowd lending is an innovative idea which is used to surpass the common money lending institutions such as banks. This eliminates the extra costs incurred by the maintenance of infrastructure, thereby reducing costs for the customer.

The concept of P2P lending can be understood from the following points:

Cutting off the middle man:

Most traditional banks work with an old fashioned model in which certain customers deposit their money in the bank, which is then used for providing a loan to those customers who want it. Also, another negative factor with banks is the fact that a low percentage of people actually get approved for a loan from the bank. Through Marketplace lending platforms such as RupeeCircle, the investors and the borrowers are brought together directly with each other, allowing faster approval and screening times.

Registration of users:

RupeeCircle runs through an online interface which users can access any time they want. Any new user can register on the website of RupeeCircle to start the process of investing or obtain a loan. All new users are then analysed based on their credit rating and other markers for financial reliability.

Application of borrower for a loan:

Once a new user gets approved by RupeeCircle, he or she becomes eligible to apply for a loan. After this, the customer looking for a loan can state the type of loan along with the amount required on the website. To complete the process of application, the necessary financial documents are required to be uploaded on the website.

Evaluation of the application:

After this, RupeeCircle checks the loan application of the customer and evaluates the financial credibility of the loan applicant and decides whether or not to approve the application. A credit score is assigned to the applicant based on the financial history of the applicant.


Once an application is approved by the RupeeCircle credit team, the loan application gets listed in the marketplace. At this point, all the details related to the loan are listed in the marketplace. From the time of listing, it takes a maximum of 7 days to get the loan funded by investors.

Funding of the loan:

When investors find a loan listing which is suitable for them, they provide the funds for that particular loan. Investors can choose from a wide range of loan applications available at the marketplace. They can also take up a number of different loans, each with different monetary requirements and risk factors.

Disbursing of the funds:

Once the verification process is complete and the investors complete the signing of the necessary agreements, the funds are disbursed to the applicant.


RupeeCircle sends regular reminders regarding the payment scheduled of the EMIs for the loan taken, ensuring that the customers are never late with their payment.

The RupeeCircle platform is user-friendly which makes investing or getting loans an easy task. The quick approval processes help in early disbursal of loans. The easy opt out option lets a customer liquidate his assets easily by selling off his investments in the marketplace.

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