Link building strategies to improve search engine rankings

Posted by ThomasDecker on October 14th, 2018

If you are looking to improve search engine rankings, link building is an activity you should put most attention on. The common belief is that more the number of links the better it is in order to improve search engine ranking. But, this does not hold true any longer and search engines are giving more importance on the quality of links than the quantity.

Now, let’s understand why links help to improve search engine rankings. Search engines give maximum priority to user experience while determining page rank of your website. There are many factors that are considered so as to ensure that user experience is not compromised. High quality links offer an excellent way to enhance user experience. The reason is simple. For example, a user is browsing through any fitness-related website and finds a link to a website or a blog which is written on healthy food. The user clicks the links and reaches that website or blog and gets excellent information or tips which wouldn’t have been possible if the link was not found there. So, from the point of view of the user, he didn’t reach the blog directly or maybe he was not even aware of such blog but the link helped him to discover that blog or website that provided the information he was interested in.

Link building not only helps you to improve search engine ranking but also to grow your traffic through referral. Now, what does it mean for your business? You may promote your business through different marketing channels, paid activities, promotional campaign etc. to generate traffic to your website. But, why referral traffic is important? The reason is logical. Any related business or website will only put links to your website if they feel that your business will add value to their clients and they will be able to engage their customers in a better way. This increases the credibility of your business as the search engines find that other businesses are also referring their clients to you.

A systematic approach to link building will help you to build high-quality links. The first step is to understand your target audience and to identify the sites in which they are active. Once identified, you should concentrate your effort to get links for those websites. This will mean that referral traffic is your target audience only and this makes your job of conversion easier. Also, when a user comes to your website through links it means they are really interested in your products or services. So, you receive traffic which has high percentage of matured leads and hence, higher chance of conversion.

But, what is most critical factor to improve search engine rankings through link building is the quality of content. Users will only prefer to come to your website if they find the content to be relevant and useful to them. Many SEO marketers generate content in hurry which is not of high quality and post those in different websites which are not relevant or related businesses to improve search engine ranking quickly. But, this is not a good strategy. It may not give you long-term sustainable benefits.

Link building is very helpful to improve search engine ranking. Only high-quality links are considered by search engines to determine page rank and to improve search engine rankings over long-term.

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