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Posted by Maggie on October 15th, 2018

In the near future you should be able to enjoy the new Farming Guild OSRS with 3 tiers in the Kebos Lowlands, home to soil more fertile than anywhere else on Gielinor. And along with this, there are various kinds of rs 07 gold new patches released, such as Hespori & Celastrus patch.Mobile players that are searching for items in the Grand Exchange can now drag and scroll the list of items in order to aid in usability.A delay caused by failing to cast a spell (lack of rune or requirements) affecting your next cast has been removed.Players may now use the incinerator while their search bar is open in the bank interface.

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3 tiers Farming Guild

Located in the Kebos Lowlands, Farming Guild includes 3 large greenhouses with each acting as a different tier for the guild. And the 3 tiers require 45 Farming, 65 Farming, and 85 Farming to enter respectively. Besides, you also need 60% Hosidius Favour to access the guild, while you are likely to enter the guild areas by using stat boosts.

Learn details of hespori patch and Celastrus patch,Along with the Farming Guild, there will be some brand new patches released for you to plant a variety of crops. For example:Hespori Patch (unique to the second tier of the Farming guild): you can only grow Hespori plant here, the seeds of which are untradeable and can be found randomly while harvesting other plants or by completing Farming Contracts. Then with the patch fully grown it can be fought as a solo demi-boss.

Celastrus patch (unique to the third tier of the guild): The tradeable seeds for the patch also can be gained via nests, monster drops or by the completion of the farming Contracts. A Celastrus patch requires 16 hours for fully growing. Then you can harvest it for the tradeable Celastrus wood, changed into Battlestaves with level 40 Fletching.

An animation delay when defending with Thammoron's Sceptre has been fixed.Removed a rogue fishing map icon on the first floor of Neitznot.Cape hangers will now display the Infernal max cape hood when an Infernal max cape and its hood are mounted on them.Burning bowls of onions will no longer give a message about burning eggs.

The details of the Fight Cave and Inferno Slayer tasks have been clarified regarding what happens if you die mid-task.Some typos in the Mage Arena expansion have been corrected.Additional information has been added to the examine option of Ali the Mayor's keys.

The orientation of banknoted versions Trident of the seas and some of its variants have been changed in the player inventory so they appear correctly.The front patch of colour on the Music cape and trimmed Music cape is now correctly white instead of tan.A barrel was moved out of a wall in the Miscellania castle.All of these sound so attractive, and let’s hope to see them in game soon.

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