Top tips on how to dress during Oktoberfest

Posted by costumesau on October 15th, 2018


Your Oktoberfest costume can enhance your experience if you choose the right costume. Even outside the celebrations, you can get surprised how people tend to dress up in Munich irrespective of the time of the year. Back in the 1500s, Bavarian outfits were very common in everyday life. People could wear them while in the fields working. Local groups came together to revive the traditional clothing when they started to fade. The first costume and riflemen were added to the celebrations of the Oktoberfest in 1835. Nowadays, you can find up to 90% of visitors dressed specifically for the Oktoberfest in Munich. Most of the people wear traditional outfits.

Traditional Dirndls

White blouses under tight fitting Bavarian Dirndl are the staple of women outfits during Oktoberfest in Munich or any other part of the world. They dress this and tie an apron around it. The dress can be in two pieces or in one piece with a separate skirt and bodice. The common trait among dirndls is to fit snugly around the sides. Dressmakers, therefore, suggest that people that are in-between sizes to get the smaller version.

Since the medieval times, the dirndl has been a dress for the peasant or the rural worker. It started being part of the urban fashion in the late 1800s. This was a major change among the urban dwellers that were used to women wearing large hoop dresses. Nowadays, you can get Dirndls for Oktoberfest costumes Australia because they are still fashionable and maintain their traditional roots. The dresses are not simple anymore. They have elaborate designs. There are a lot of options for colours and tons of flair. You don’t have to be able to afford the expensive hand-made costume. You just need a proper dress that suits your body.

Blouses and bras

Depending on how much skin you want to expose, the classic dirndl blouses come with a cut and they are normally white in colour. Your designer can use the shape of your blouse opening around your upper chest to complement the square frame of the top of your bodice. There is a wide range of blouse opening options from diamond, heart full coverage and oval shapes.

Blouses with short sleeves are the most common for Oktoberfest. The dresses have a vertical pooped collar and a poufy shoulder. The vertical collar can be ruffled or stiff. Most women show a decent amount of cleavage but younger girls prefer being covered. Most adult women show a little bit of their cleavage but this is not because of the blouse’s neckline.

Bow placement and aprons

If your dirndl dress is wrapped in an apron then that is a sign that it is authentic. It should also be tied with a bow on the front. This is because dirndls begun as work outfits and the apron played an important role in keeping the dress safe and preventing it from wearing off.

When you buy your Oktoberfest costume, make sure you consider having an apron as well. You can get cotton aprons or satin aprons depending on your desired style and texture. You need to place the dirndl bow to tell people about your relationship status.

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