The Hottest Weedless Lures to Use While On a Bass Fishing Vacation

Posted by Epromotionz on October 15th, 2018

This article guides the avid fish hunters about the hottest weedless lures to use while on a bass fishing vacation in Texas.

When it comes to choosing the bass fishing lures, nothing can match the action that the topwater lures collect. But if we speak of the overall bass-catching ability then, the experienced fishing guides in Texas fishing lodges suggest making use of weedless lures to target bass fish exactly where they live.

When we talk about the lily pads, shallow flats and heavy cover fishermen will require the standard in fishing lures which will increase their probabilities of success- the weedless bass fish lures.

Despite the fact where you are, anglers can spot a largemouth bass in areas which force them to be snag-proof adequately to enable your hook point to sink in that big bass and bring the fish in. The best fishing lures for an avid bass angler engross those which let them practice the waters of the weed beds and milfoil mats which were previously impossible to target.

So, below mentioned are few best weedless bass fish lures which will certainly help you hunt your favorite bass fish successfully.

Take a Look at the Hottest Weedless Lures to Use While On a Bass Fishing Vacation in Texas:

  • Weedless Spoon: Several weedless spoons provide a right medium to defeat the weeds through bait which has a little weight behind it. You might have not fully believed that these baits are 100% weedless always, but the single hook along with a weed guard usually stays clean. This cannot be done with double hooks properly.
  • Moss Boss: This bass fishing lure is designed more to glide on vegetation. As it can be purchased in heavier weights, such weedless lures provide the angler an option to stay away from the mess and still draw big bass.
  • Jelly Worm: The soft plastic lures like the plastic worm excel in the thick cover; anglers can effortlessly keep them there. These might be the most classic weedless lures of them all. This bait is meant for endurance and persistence, but even the passionate and ever-moving fishermen will hold up when the bite is on these admired fishing baits.
  • Flipping Jig: Because of the weedless nature of this lure, they create in the heaviest cover. The jig-and-pig combo has always been a staple of the bass anglers from its introduction and then it has never looked back. Definitely hunting fish with a heavier lure in the most horrible of cover calls for an excellent braided line and a rigid rod to hold it with.
  • Plastic Frog: This lure must have a place in every angler’s fishing tackle box no matter what you call it. As your frog has plunked onto the lily pads or splatted over a weed mat, it will garner the attention of largemouth bass fish and several other aggressive fish species. It can easily blend in the surroundings like a creature which is meant to be there and provides it even more fish-catching power. And the way this lure comes back cast after cast without any weeds will make you admire it even more.

There are several great weedless lures which can help you make a successful bass fish hunt, but these lures are highly recommended by the professional and highly experienced fishing guides at the reputed Texas fishing lodges so, it will make it easy for you to hunt more bass fish.


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