Tips When You are Buying Fireworks

Posted by Big Star Fireworks on October 15th, 2018

At an early age, we should all be thinking of a side hustle to boost our incomes and entrepreneur skills. One significant way of summing up your cash is by selling fireworks, fountains, sold mortars, rockets, spinners, firecrackers, and spinners that spit out fireball eggs.

Are you diving into this market and don't know how well to tap into the industry. Here are a few tips to help you while buying fireworks.

Test the Product before Buying

Most fireworks have mind-blowing names like Red Hot Fusion, Viper, Spiral, and many more. The names are just a little blow, but they mean nothing. If you are looking for quality fireworks, make sure the stores you choose to buy from have a demo night where you can set off samples. Attending a set off demo night is vital in ensuring you take note and buy the best.


It is essential to compare the weight when purchasing these products. Some fireworks, especially the fountain type, they are quite huge but consists of tiny fireworks in large empty tubes. Test the weight comparing it to smaller but similar fireworks which might be better and a little cheaper.

Stock Up the Sale

The entire markup to spice up the consumer firework can make your eyes water literally. If you buy the fireworks around New Year, you can always pay in full retail. At other times, the stock or store may offer discounts to help with the pay.

Join a Club

Many licensed pyrotechnic clubs are dealing with fireworks. At any club's events, you can make fireworks, learn about professional fireworks, get advice from experts and how to keep your site safe while dealing with fireworks.

Are All Fireworks Alike?

All fireworks are the same! They have a "law" of 1/560th of an ounce. This doesn't mean that purchasing a sizeable red firework with names like M..... will have the most significant effect. All fireworks have the same impact since they have the same powder as the little tiny crackers in a string.

Avoid Illegal Stuff

This industry has been a mess in the previous few years with other sellers going the old way of getting money. Illegal fireworks can cost you a finger or two or even an arm. The damage caused can be quite devastating because you don't know how precisely the product was made and if the fuse is trustworthy.

Know Your Budget

If you have, let's say 200 bucks in your budget, ask what that money can do for you! Even thou discounts can count for a low purchase; it's important to understand your budget.

Ask For Recommendations

Firework is a regulated industry, but sometimes, high explosives show up. The kind which can never be legally sold. Ask for recommendation on stores that have a good reputation on the fireworks they sell.

Before blowing your compound up with different firework makeup, it is essential to stay safe and at the same time have fun. All this can be achieved when you learn the above tips when buying your fireworks.

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