Reasons to Choose Organic Food Over Non-Organic

Posted by Rhea Manor Natural Market on October 16th, 2018

From the time humans have started walking on the earth, they have been growing their own food. It is now that we rely on someone else to do that for us. With this changed method of getting food, we have exposed our bodies to a great amount of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and other artificial agents that are being used widely to grow food quicker. While we have got used to these methods of getting food, our bodies still are not able to recognize these harmful chemicals and process them.

You will find every other product in the market with the label “all natural” today. But does that really make it natural? People mistake a lot of harmful products for being organic when they actually aren’t. Since there aren’t many government regulations on this issue, we cannot know for sure how genuine are these “natural” labels that we find written on every food item. This is why it is essential to read the labels and look for food items that are labeled “USDA Certified 100% organic”. Here’s why you need to choose organic food over non organic one:

Organic food products are grown with natural fertilizers like manure and compost unlike conventionally grown food that is grown with the help of synthetic and chemical fertilizers like herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, etc. Go organic if you want to protect yourself from the harmful health effects of all such chemicals. This is also helpful in reducing soil erosion and pollution.

To produce organic dairy products, livestock are given all organic, hormone-free feed, and natural methods like rotational grazing & healthy diet are adopted. For conventionally producing dairy products, livestock are given growth hormones and medications for faster grown and in order to prevent livestock disease. Choosing organically produced dairy products, you not just ensure that your dairy food is all natural, but also get richer nutrients. This is also good for the environment and in keeping the livestock healthy.

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