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Privileged Identity Management Protects User Accounts via PIM Solutions

Posted by rver21 on October 16th, 2018

Sometimes, unscrupulous people steal the log in credentials of the employees of an organization in order to hack into the servers and steal the data. Compromised identities of employees are new threats for corporate organizations to counter.
Advanced cyber attacks are automated, persistent, and in 99% cases successful. Security of IT infrastructure cannot be guaranteed solely on the basis of firewalls because they can only react to previously identified threats. Once the attackers penetrate your computer system, they can easily explore the whole network and exploit unsecured privileged credentials as they wish.
Therefore, Identity Management is a solution to every threat that can arise due to compromised identity. It is defined as an administrative area, dealing with identification of individuals in a system (an enterprise) and controlling their access to resources within that system. Access is controlled by associating user rights and restrictions with the established identity.
What is Privileged Identity Management?
Privileged Identity Management (PIM) is subcategory of Identity Management. Its purpose is to focus on privileged accounts, important accounts used by the team of IT administrators or sometime, people in the top brass of the organization. It also focuses on select business users and applications that are crucial to the business operations of the organization.
Privileged accounts are targeted by external attackers surpassing firewall and malicious insiders (rogue employees) who have access to sensitive data.
PIM Solutions ensure security for user accounts in the applications that are a part of IT Infrastructure.
How Privileged Identity Management works ?
PIM Solution manages the lifecycle of the privileged credentials on any cross-platform enterprise through the following process:
1. Discovery stage
PIM identifies and documents all critical IT assets, along with their privileged accounts and their interdependencies.
2. Remediation
PIM Solutions enforce rules for password complexity, diversity, change frequency, and synchronization of changes across all dependencies.
3. Delegation
PIM Solutions delegate access to privileged credentials in order to ensure that only authorized users or appropriate personnel, using the least privilege required, can log into IT assets.
4. Tracking
PIM creates Audits and alerts all potential threats so that the requester, purpose, and duration of each privileged access request can be documented and monitored.
Privileged Identity Management Features :
The security features offered by PIM Solutions are as follows:
• Temper-proof storage
• High availability modules and disaster recovery modules
• Strong authentication support
• FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography
• Customizable “request workflows”
• Segregation of duties
• Real-time behavioural analytics
Privileged Identity Management Benefits:
The benefits offered by PIM Solutions are as follows:
• Efficient Administrative Interface
• Better security
• Record availability
• Detailed information
To know more about thst roles and responsibilities of Priviledge Identity Management PIM for Cyber Security.
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