MTU 16V 2000

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Diesel Engines
10V/12V/16V 2000 M96L
for Fast Vessels with Low Load Factors (1DS)

MTU 16V 2000 Dimensions and Masses

2000 M96L   Dimensions (LxWxH) mm (in)               Mass, dry kg (lbs)
10V         1604 x 1165 x 1347 (63.1 x 45.9 x 53.0)   2305 (5082)
12V         1812 x 1293 x 1414 (71.3 x 50.9 x 55.7)   2830 (6239)
16V         2258 x 1293 x 1453 (88.9 x 50.9 x 57.2)   3450 (7606)

MTU 16V 2000 Standard Equipment
Starting system           Electric starter 24 V
Auxiliary PTO             Alternator, 80A, 28V, 2 pole
Oil system                Gear driven lube oil pump, lube-oil duplex filter doublestage, lube-oil heat exchanger, handpump for oil extraction
Fuel system               Fuel feed pump, fuel hand pump, fuel pre-filter, fuel main filter, on-engine fuel cooler, HP fuel pump, jacketed HP fuel lines, injection nozzles (Common rail system) flame proof hose lines, leak-off collecter
Cooling system            Coolant-to-raw water plate core heat exchanger, self priming centrifugal raw water pump, gear driven coolant circulation pump
Combustion air system     Sequential turbocharging with 3 exhaust-gas turbochargers, on-engine intake air filters
Exhaust system            Triple-walled, liquid-cooled, on-engine exhaust manifolds, single centrally located exhaust outlet, 1 exhaust bellows  horizontal discharge
Mounting system           Resilient mounts at free end
Engine management system  Engine control and monitoring system (ADEC), engine interface module (EIM)
MTU 16V 2000 for sale

Manufacturer:     MTU
Model:     16V2000G65-TB
Description:     MTU 16V2000G65-TB
MTU 16V2000G65-TB generator set with AvKaick generator 900KVA/400V/50Hz/1500RPM.
Convertible to 60Hz/1080KVA/480V/1800RPM
Only 100 hours since new in 2009
Machine in stock:     Yes
Seller-item-No.:     C-1305

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