What are the Skills and Responsibilities of Python Developers?

Posted by mikekomo3 on October 16th, 2018

With many companies moving from analog to digital, many programs are developed. The programs are developed by experts who understand various programming languages. Some of the programming languages include python. Many people don't understand what python is. Python is a general purpose programing language named after Monty Python. The language was created in the 1980s, and it has been helpful in the programming sector. Many companies are hiring python developers. Below is a detailed discussion of skills experts taking python jobs to need to have. The discussion also included the responsibilities of python developers.

Skills python developers need to have


The first thing these experts need to have is the expertise in python. Experts looking for python jobs need to have a vast knowledge of at least one Python web framework such as Flask. Also, they need to have familiarity with Object Relational Mapper (ORM) libraries. Another requirement is that they should be able to integrate databases and multiple data sources into one system. It is also advisable to hire a Python developer who has a basic understanding of server-side templating languages like Mako or Jinja 2. Other skills they need to have is a strong unit test and debugging skills among many others.

Responsibilities of python developers


Python is essential as it helps people to code things when the language doesn’t matter as python is one of the programming languages that are readable. When people want to automate some small tasks on their systems, they need to hire python developers to assist. Python developers have a wide range of responsibilities depending on companies as well as individuals. They are responsible for writing reusable, testable and efficient codes. Also, they are responsible for designing and implementation of performant applications. On top of that, these experts are responsible for the implementation of security and data protection. Furthermore, they have a task of integrating data storage solutions that may include databases, blob store, and several others.



From above it is evident that python is an essential programming language. The language is used by many people in testing microchips at Intel, powering Instagram, building video games among many other things. Python developers are highly required, and they are receiving good salaries across the world.

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