Global warming

Posted by Winnie Melda on October 16th, 2018


The article discusses the climate change in which NASA confirms that there is data released in February 2016 showing a dramatic and ongoing surge in the planet’s temperature. NASA claimed that 2016 was not just the most unusually warm month ever at 1.35 degrees Celsius above the long-term average, but it was more than 0.2 degrees Celsius warmer than the most unusually warm mother measured of January 2016. The article shows that February 2016 was the first month in history where the global average temperature was more than 1.5 degree Celsius. My topic is on global warming, which does relate well to the content of this article. The data presented in the article shows that there has been global warming and this is why this article relates to my topic. The article focuses on how the temperature rose in February and provides some other data on the changes in temperature in the early months of 2016. Thus, this article is of great significance as it provides a discussion on the climate changes and indicates why we should pay attention to the climate changes. Based on the article, scientists believe that there has been warming; however, the main question they ask is how much warming there has been.

Author information

The author of the article is Eric Holthaus. He is a meteorologist that writes about weather and climate for the Slate’s Future Tense.  Holthaus has written many articles on the impact of the global climate change. Holthaus grew in Kansas, and his writing during the Hurricane Sandy results to a considerable following. In his career, Holthaus has advised individuals and groups on coping with the changing weather including the Ethiopian subsistence farmers and the Indian military officials. Holthaus has many articles filed under climate change and weather where his articles have appeared in Rolling Stone, Vice, Slate, The Wall Street Journal, and Quartz. Holthaus has many articles on weather and climate change. According to the author, he believes that the climate is changing and it is because of the human activities. Because of the changes, the extreme weather tends to be affecting us; thus, it is the time that all of us should use our power and makes a difference to the world.

Summary of article content

The article shows that the climate change is moving towards being much warmer. Based on the article, NASA confirmed that the temperature on earth reached a terrifying milestone in the month of February. The author is targeting the people across the globe explaining the shocking global warming temperature. The NASA data confirms that the unofficial data released during the month showed a dramatic and ongoing surge in the planet temperature. The changes in the climate are becoming very dangerous to the humanity and considering the changes that are happening; the climate change does deserve our greatest attention.

The main claim presented by the author is that Global warming is in overdrive, and he does fear that we may soon breach the global totals set for the year 2100. Dr. Roy Spencer claimed that the February statistics did set a new record for the warmest month anomaly since the satellite monitoring started in late 1978. According to the author, what is happening now to the weather is that the liberation of about two decades worth of global warming energy stored in the oceans since the last major El Nino that happened in 1998. Based on how the weather is acting, it indicates that we are right at the heart of more surges in global warming that may kick off a series of issues with far reaching implication on our species and other species that we tend to share with the planet. As a result of the changes we are encountering, Holthaus claim that it is the time that people and the mainstream media should start taking the climate change seriously.

Analysis and evaluation of article

In the article, the author does provide an analysis of how bad global warming is becoming. In presenting his information, the author tends to use data and information from other experts and scientists so as to prove his points. The author has done a great job in showing how the climate change is happening and the impact that the change is having on our planet. With the changes that are happening with our climate, it appears as if a human has a great role to play in it. However, we are not paying much attention to know how we can resolve the issue and ensure that the temperatures do not increase as they did in February.

In the article, the author provided citations and quotations properly in supporting his evidence. However, there is a major weakness with the information that Holthaus provide in the article. Holthaus does use an unreliable set of data in evaluating the long-term climate changes. In the article, the story tends to inaccurately report that El Nini likely gave a small boost to warming in the last month. Holthaus does have a lot of experience in reporting on the climate change since 1983; however, he tends to rely on unofficial data in his report for supporting his conclusion.

Based on the information and the data that Holthaus used in the article, it gives readers the impression that February was record-setting even though it is not possible to reach that conclusion. Despite using the wrong data in making a conclusion, Holthaus made the corrections on the data in the final paragraphs of his article. Irrespective of the changes he made, it is possible to conclude that the author does not have any idea of what he is talking. The structuring of the article was excellent as Holthaus ensured that he used graphs and diagrams to illustrate the data and show the trends in the changes. The language used in the article was easy to understand, and the sentence structure was also excellent.


My topic is on global warming, and the article relates to my topic in that it shows how global warming continues to affect the planet. The climate change and global warming tend to be issues that are the greatest threat to our planet and if humans fail to pay attention to our planet, the effect of the climate change may be shocking. The climate change is happening, and caused by human activities and as a result, it is the time that we should consider how we can resolve the problem.  I consider the article useful in my research as it helps me understand the trends in the climate change and what scientists are saying about these changes.  

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