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Minimize Sales and Marketing Expenses by Cloud-Based eCommerce & CRM Software

Posted by vogueboard on October 16th, 2018

It took a while for the construction industry to get on board with online commercial accounts management and the use of integrated CRM and eCommerce platform for buying, and selling building materials, but things are starting to look up as cloud-based SaaS platform in construction industry is becoming commonplace. The days of construction project managers using a phone or a fax to source supplies from distributors are soon to be over as eCommerce solutions become more and more prevalent. This is especially true in this day and age of smart devices and mobile technology, which continue to make radical changes to the process, resulting in increased speed of transactions, reduced project timelines, lower costs, and even smaller carbon footprint for construction companies and building materials manufacturers. 

Just the same, there are still many companies that remain on the fence when it comes to the use of cloud-based SaaS platform in construction industry. If you are yet to move on from traditional third-party materials distribution and commercial account management, here are some proven benefits of integrated CRM and eCommerce platform you don’t want to miss out on: 

Delivery speed and accuracy – One of the most obvious benefits of the digital approach tocloud-basedcommercial accounts management in the construction industry is a speed of order processing and delivery. This can even be expressed in a number of ways such as the giving procurement managers the means to shop for or offload materials within minutes online, as opposed to weeks or perhaps even months, using traditional methods and processes. Orders and transactions can very easily and quickly be finalized, while shipments can be performed faster and tracked real-time on each location. This means more time for managers to focus on other important aspects of operations as they wait for goods to be shipped out or delivered. 

No middleman – Integrated CRM and eCommerce platformsolutions eliminate the need for a middleman, while uncomplicating the heavily fragmented building materials market. This translates to more options to buy and sell on top of expense control and increased cost savings. 

About the Author:

Vogueboard is a cloud-based B2B platform that enables building material suppliers and their customers to connect for networking and process transactions services online. Vogueboard offers integrated ecommerce platform, CRM and Networking modules which provides all the necessary tools for a secure payment processing, and manage relationships and process online orders in a totally paperless medium.

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