Old Country and Yoder Smokers ? A Review of Two of the Best Smokers in Texas

Posted by kamal on October 16th, 2018

Texas is known for going overboard on many things, and smokers rank highly on the list. No self-respecting Texan with a passion for smoking meat will settle for anything less than the best. However, everyone with enough experience working with smokers will testify that two brands stand out from all others.

So, which are these two brands? Here is a review of Texas best smokersaccording to users’ sentiments.

Old Country Smokers

The Old Country meat smoker is often described as an upgraded version of the Oklahoma Joe smoker. This is because it goes above and beyond the high-quality standards set by the latter. Old Country smokers are designed with two goals in mind: durability and convenience.

Durability is guaranteed by their strong build. For starters, they are made of steel bodies measuring up to ¼-inches in thickness. They are also welded all-round to prevent any leakage and degradation. Finally, they are easy to maintain and any breakdowns usually involve individual accessories as opposed to the whole unit.  

Convenience, on the other hand, comes with the versatile designs. For instance, the lid is easy to operate in spite of its weight. The trays are also made from durable and flexible metal that maintains its integrity even under extreme temperatures – the trays are also designed to slide out for easy access. Temperature is also easy to regulate with minimal adjustments.

Yoder Smokers

Yoder smokershave not been around for long, but they have quickly risen the ladder to rank among the best. This is mostly because they are manufactured with competition in mind – they are ideal for major BBQ competitions. However, these smokers are nevertheless also ideal for household use.

Yoder meat smokers are also made using dense steel measuring at least ¼-inches in thickness to ensure that they withstand intense heat. Their strength, however, lies in their versatile design. For starters, they are popular for their ability to regulate temperature, a factor that plays a crucial role in the meat’s flavor. They also use less wood compared to most other smokers. Finally, they demand less maintenance both during and after smoking your meat. Their manufacturers are so confident in these smokers that they offer a life-time guarantee with each unit.


Everyone has an opinion on which smoker is the best for Texans, but facts are facts. Yoder and Old Country smokers go all out when it comes to quality and convenience, and they are arguably Texas best smokers.   

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