Incredible Tips to Succeed as a Food Distributor

Posted by Shrikant Sharma on October 17th, 2018

Food distribution is a challenging occupation as different people have different perceptions regarding the entire concept. What is essentially required at the very beginning is the identity. Food distribution requires the strategy of marketing, and here lies the very question of where one’s position lies in the market. It is so because, knowing the direction of resources is difficult and can only be meted out by a strong and stable connection and recognition in the market. It serves as an integrated source for further development.

Tips for Successful Food Distribution with Special Reference to Iraq and Oman:

1. Target Market: Recognizing the right target market is important and the hunt should never be limited. One must go beyond boundaries as there are demands for international and foreign products as especially in Iran. Here they look for joint ventures and such an arrangement can make one pay only half the custom duty for as much as much 200 liters barrel of olive oil, once one moves from the free-zone to the main territory.

2. Being Informative and Specific: Being niche would be an appreciated move for food distribution as on field, what is observed is dissatisfaction in the market for discern and less information. As in Oman, the governmental support has insisted international distributors and foreign suppliers who could undergo the process of home delivery of the items in bulk.

3. Machinery Excellence: In Iran, there is a huge demand for European products no matter how out of the budget it goes. It is because of the mentality of long-term productivity and longevity of items that they have kept improvised mechanization at the top priority. No wonder they had been able to overcome the packaging problem that lasted ten years back, and now the main focus lies in the enhancement of the shelf life of products.

To take an example, Al Maya Distribution has always focused on the basic strategies of food production through advancing infrastructure, upgraded machinery, excellent logistics and distribution updates in the GCC. Hence, it has promoted over 50 brands of food supplies and made way for the unprecedented growth of chains of supermarkets and crucial retailers.

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