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Is There Any Yog of Love Marriage- Ask Love Marriage Astrologer

Posted by shivarajguruji on October 17th, 2018

No special day or muhurta is acceptable for love. It gets between two people. Eight types of marriage rites have been recognized in ancient texts. Among these, 'Gandharva' marriage is also one. Gandharva marriage is synonymous with love-marriage. Love word itself is pure and divine.

Love is the basis of keeping human culture dynamic. Sacrifice in love and the sense of death is hidden. The name of the feeling is love, which attracts the young man and the woman to each other.

Love is also between Husband-Wife, Brother-Sister, and Mother-Father. This world rests with affection. Love gradually takes the form of commitment and dedication.

Zodiac is divided into twelve quantities. Whether or not any youth has the sum of the love marriage in the horoscope, this information gives us the natural quality of the quantities. After studying these zodiac signs, information about love-marriage, love-relation, long-term bonding, etc. is known. Special attention is taken to the Horoscope Center, Fourth, Seventh and Twelfth House for Love or Love-Marriage.

Love or love-marriage is done in nine Planets with Moon, Mars, and Venus. Venus is the cause of love. The 5th house in Horoscope, i.e. Fifth House reveals a deep love relationship. When Mars is in the horoscope, i.e., if Mars relates to the seventh house or its owner, then the love relationship of the youth is formed, or the combination of love-marriage is made.

Bangalore famous astrologer reveals that when there is a right combination of Panchamesh-Saptamesh and Venus, there is a close relationship between husband or wife or boyfriend. I.e., the owner of the Seventh House and the owner of the Fifth House has Venus related to the horoscope in the horoscope; there is a friendly relationship between Husband-Wife and Lovers. This condition also brings love-marriage.

Venus-Moon's combination gives birth to love-attraction in youth. The relation of Venus and Jupiter creates the sum of pure love in youth. Permanency is necessary for whatever way there is love. Therefore, for Love and Sweetness in Love, 'Kapal' should be worn on the occasion of a relayed stone engagement or marriage

Let's know which planets they look and have the presence in their various expressions, to which love marriage surely has to be satisfied according to love marriage astrologers Bangalore:

Here we would like to discuss the ninth chakra of the horoscope. It is that if any of the above is not happening in the wedding cycle, then the Navcam and Chakra must be seen. Now, in the Navamash Chakra, if the Panchayats of the original marriage cycle and Saptamesh are being repetitive in the above manner, there is a complete possibility of Love Marriage.

If there is a clear effect of Venus and Moon on the seventh house, its owner planet and its factor, then even in such a situation, one becomes oriented towards love even though he will be able to translate it into marriage, there is a doubt in it.

But the aforementioned meaning is not that if a person is married to a love marriage, then the marriage will also be successful. In the discussion, only the mention of the benefits of Love Marriage has been mentioned, not about their success or failure.

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