How to work fast in UNIX

Posted by Vishnu on October 17th, 2018

The UNIX commands are difficult and time is required to learn the UNIX commands. The ten basic level commands in UNIX are the hostname, ping, ifconfig, netstat, nslookup, telnet, traceroute, finger and telnet. The hostname command is to find the host or domain name, ping is the command which tests the network connection, ifconfig is the command which is used for the network configuration, netstat is the command which is used for the network connections, routing tables and interface statistics, nslookup is used for the query DNS lookup name, telnet is used to communicate with another host name, trace route command is used for the outing steps that packets the network host, finger is used to view the user information, and telnet is used to check the status of the destination host. Unix Training in Chennai provides the required knowledge to clear the interview.

The last command in the UNIX

This command saves the 30 percent of the time and the same command is used for multiple times within a fraction of seconds. By using the "Is-Irt", !vim the command will be used for getting the last command with less time. It uses the shell and not the bash shell which takes time in up and down arrow. The shells K shell or C shell are used if the up and down arrow does not work. The debugging with the help of server or java application is easily done with the help of the K shell of the C shell. Unix Shell Scripting Training in Chennai is the best training to gain in-depth knowledge into the UNIX.

Matching command in the UNIX

CTRL+R is used to find out the last matching command in the UNIX and this command will save the time.

History command in UNIX command            

There are so many commands like starting, stopping, checking log files, making a build or doing release and it is difficult to remember the exact command. The command history | grep "keyword" will help to get the command from the history. If the commands are well known then it minimizes the time. Unix Course in Chennai provides practical training with the help of the industry experts in the UNIX platform.

Regular expression using grep

Error or exception is the regular expression which can be done by using the egrep "Error|Exception".xml. Instead of writing two commands for the ERROR and exception the single command saves time in the UNIX.

The bash profile or Bashrc file using Aliases

There may be strange commands when working in some other machine and this command comes from the setup .bashrc or .profile file. The information is derived from IrtH and there are different roles for the .login, .profile and .bashrc files in UNIX. Unix Certification Courses with personalized training to clear the certification exam is very helpful for the intended learners.

 Move the directory

                              To move the directory the pushd, popd, and cd commands are used.

 Thus to make the work faster and increase the productivity these UNIX commands are used.


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