Ditch the Dark Shade ? Skin Whitening Injection is Here!

Posted by Suzanne Boleche on October 17th, 2018

Having dark skin tone? Be it not living up to the current trends or people commenting ‘oh, this colour will not suit your skin’, it is nothing short of depressing! Well, how would it be if you could have a skin whitening injection solving your problem? One shot (or a couple of them) and you are ready to rock!!
However, the question remains – what is in that one shot that can help your skin lighten up? The next queries being – what if it doesn’t work? What’s the way out? Aren’t creams or lotions better options?
Hang on folks!! Scroll down and check out the answers for yourself –
Skin whitening injection – Some details to start off with
Melanin is a pigment that helps give colour to one’s skin. Now, glutathione is used to change its tone – specifically turning it into a lighter shade. Therefore, the idea of glutathione injection skin whitening associates with transforming eumelanin to pheomelanin and minimising the functioning of the enzyme called tyrosinase.
In this manner, the skin tone will lighten, become supple and clear over time. These injections have multiple benefits, wherein the pores are refined, and the fine lines, acnes, scars and wrinkles are eliminated.
It principally involves usage of intravenous vitamins and minerals, and acts as a better alternative to bleaching creams.
1.This whitening injection helps strengthen one’s immune system and largely controls the ageing process.
2.Also, since it a natural product synthesised in the liver, it reduces fatigue, controls level of cholesterol, eliminates heart and thyroid related problems.
Evidence and safety issues
Well analysed from multiple sources, it has been found that the antioxidant glutathione is naturally synthesised within human body and is associated with multiple biochemical paths. In fact, glutathione is called the ‘mother of all antioxidants’ and has scientific evidence for multiple infusions.
There have been no side-effects of this glutathione administration so far. Also, compared to other methods of skin whitening, the safety level has proven to be positive in clinical trials.

However, before you go in for a whitening treatment, make sure that your doctor is aware of the same.

A list of other options that skin whitening injection beats!
1.Chemical peeling is an option that most people would choose over this whitening process. However, these injections show immediate results compared to this peeling process (it may require more than a single session).
2.Laser toning is helpful for skin whitening; however, it is suitable only for specific pigmented areas. This glutathione injection skin whitening process works for the whole body.
3.Laser skin surfacing is also another process that most people choose above this injection. However, with the help of this injection, skin texture improves and overall skin tone becomes white after a couple of sessions only.
Just make sure to check the credentials of the retailer from where you get your skin whitening injection. After all, you really do not wish to have allergies post your whitening process. Most of the reliable sellers are now accessible online; evaluate their trustworthiness before buying the product.

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