Sailing in the Fjords. What to expect?

Posted by naleiayachting on October 18th, 2018

Sail the Most Exquisite Norwegian Fjords on a Scenic Sailing Trip to Norway

Formed thousands of years ago, the Norwegian fjords are certainly one of the most incredible places to explore on a sailing trip to Norway. Shaped during the ice age, this unique landscape astoundingly has not changed a lot since the ice begun melting. This is why millions of tourists have placed Norway on top of their list of destinations to explore, as in the fjords they can find the best that this Scandinavian splendor has to offer from the largest cities to the desolated rocky islands.

Why a cruise is your best option of exploring?

Cruising is the ideal choice to explore Norwegian fjords in the best possible way as some of the places feature only 200 to 300 permanent inhabitants and therefore really low hotel’s capacities. Most importantly, sailing the fjords will let you explore the local ambiance & appeal of tiny Norwegian cities placed adjacent to the fjords. When on a yacht, the travel distances are neither very long nor tiring, whilst exploring the fjords by a bus or car might be exhausting, since the majority of the routes go through and around mountains, even the shortest driving route takes several hours. Plus your yacht itself is like a hotel on the go furnished with all the essential amenities, allowing you to relish the exquisite Norwegian shorelines to their fullest while cruising the splendid fjords. Your well-equipped yacht will have perhaps the best picturesque window view you ever had seen on any cruising holiday.

When to go?

The summertime is perhaps the best period of a year to sail Norwegian fjords. Though sailing trips are available all through the year during the summertime, the sea remains calm & still, which help you forget that you are even out in the sea. As Norway is set so high in the north, the sun is really visible 24 hours during the summer months. However, for tourists that are interested in having a combined experience of witnessing both the fjords and Northern Lights on the same sailing trip in Norway, winter is the perfect time to go for the adventure.

Packing tips for your trip:

Although the weather throughout the summertime is rather pleasing, it’s recommended to carry different layers clothes as Norwegian weather can be quite unpredictable at times. It’s highly advised to carry your windproof and waterproof jacket because there’s always the feasibility to get windy and rainy weather even in July, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Comfortable walking shoes are also recommended, as some of the time during your trip you may have to climb the rocky parts & walk on the damp base.

Carrying a warmer jacket also makes sense, because even in the summertime, late evenings and nights can get pretty cold. Don’t forget to bring your digital camera as well, as the landscape & sceneries are simply amazing and you’ll certainly be taking loads of photos. Bringing a pair of sunglasses will also be useful as it’ll help you relish the views during the sunny days.


On the whole, when planning your sailing trip in Norway to explore the fjords and other attractions, feel free to talk with your cruise travel experts & make sure you follow their recommendations. However, one thing is very sure, you will come back with lots of memories and of course tons of breathtaking photos.

This article is written by Naleia Yachting, specializes sailing trip in Norway providing exciting sailing adventures at highly affordable prices.

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