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It is hard to remember what life was in the 1999 and looking back; I notice that almost everything in my life changed. In the modern world, it tends to be difficult to imagine living without the help of technology. From time to time, there are new technologies invented that helps in making the life easier for many people. The advances in technology allow people to do things that seemed impossible several years ago. Some of the technological improvements in communication include emails, the internet, and cell phones. In the past decades, we have seen the rise of tablets, smartphones and also generations of video games. In the past, people could not send letters through emails so as to send messages to people far away from home. However, in the modern era, it is possible to connect with people from different locations using internet services and cell phones through sending messages and people can read and reply right away using the new technologies. In this essay, it provides a compare and contrast on technology in the current time with few years ago.

Compare and contrast

Technology normally changes all the time and with every new product; it tends to become the norm within just a few weeks. With the technology change in the past decade, technology has become unimaginably better and smaller. It is now easy to forget the product that did cause a buzz and started the trends. In the past ten years ago, it is possible to see many consumer electronics that have become commonplace in the households today. For instance, in 2002, there was the launch of San disk 1GB compact flash (CF) card. The bulkier size of the card made it lose popularity among the every picture takers and it quickly lost ground to the smaller secure digital (SD) cards. The larger size of the compact flash makes it popular among the high-end photographers and recently videographer since they tend to boast the higher transfer speed than the SD cards. With the card, breaking the 1GB mark was huge, and it also made way for other companies to hit 1GB and more. Today, we even have 64GB cards, and there are also 128GB cards. The internet is a technology that is present today, and it is so important in our lives. The net is a global news channel, unruly library, social club, shopping service, multimedia kiosk, town hall, and even research archive. It is also a curse to anyone who has a secret to keep.

Another change of technology that can be evident today is through computers. Computers are one of the technologies that greatly evolve because they make work easier, convenient, and well-organized. From the bulky computers with a mouse, Keyboards, and CPU, there have been a change of computers into portable laptops and also the netbook that helps people to access the internet immediately. Some of the new inventions that are different from what was there in the past few years include computers with different screens such as glass touch screen. With the invention of technology, there are various aspects of people’s lives that have changed. First of all, in banking, it was not very long ago that the process for paying a bill did involve the payment stub, a stamped envelope, and a personal check. However, today, most people are using online banking, and about half of the users tend to pay bills online. With the help of technology, it is also possible for a person to apply for a credit card or a loan online, which is something that was not available before 2001.

With the introduction of mobile phones years back, I do not think that anyone would think that the mobile phones would allow someone to stream movies, play games, and take photos. However, with the technological advancement, the ubiquity of the Smartphone are providing people with the freedom of doing whatever they want and whenever they want using their phones. Today, video chatting tends to be a reality same as responding to the business emails while you are halfway around the world. Having the ability to stay in contact with other people tend to change the way people are making plans, how, people communication, and also the people that we engage with in conversations.


It tends to be difficult to believe how the world has significantly changed in the past decade. In the past half century, there have been very many new technologies that have been appearing on the market. The pace of the change tends to be blinding, and the transformation of the nature of technology makes it be no longer a device but leaves people with a sense of expectation and breathlessness. It is clear that the modern technology is transforming our experience of the world. The technology experience tends to be one that envelops and also enhances our senses and emotions.

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